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Jan 18 2023

Okcoin And Paradigm Announce New Grant Awarded To Bitcoin Core Maintainer Marco Falke

The new grant, in partnership with Paradigm, will bring Okcoin’s support of Bitcoin Core development to $1.5 million.Cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin, alongside partner investment firm Paradigm, has announced a new set of funding for Bitcoin Core contribution. The funds will be directed into a grant for Core maintainer...

Apr 26 2022

Human Rights Foundation Grants 5 BTC To Bitcoin Projects

The latest round of gifts from HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund focuses on software and community development, design, translation, and censorship monitoring.The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) will award a total of 5 BTC in the latest round of gifts from its Bitcoin Development Fund.Over the past two years, HRF has allocated more than $1.2 million worth of grants to over...

Mar 09 2022

Kraken to Distribute Over $10 Million in Aid to Clients Impacted by Ukraine Crisis

To support victims of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kraken is preparing an ambitious aid package distributing over $10 million directly to affected clients. Starting tomorrow and running until July 1, Kraken clients who created an account from Ukraine prior to March 9, 2022… The post Kraken to...

Feb 10 2022

InsurAce.io Set to Collaborate with NEAR Protocol Following Grant Approval

NEAR Grants Program is one of the largest in the blockchain industry. The NEAR Foundation cut a piece of the $800 million fund. The InsurAce.io met the criteria to become the latest beneficiary.

Dec 25 2021

Reflecting On The Year In Bitcoin: Our Progress And What We Take For Granted

The progress that the Bitcoin community made in 2021 reminds us to take nothing for granted, and to make the changes we want to see next year.Society has been taking a lot of things for granted, and arguably this is why we’re here now. The globe is filled with overly-panicked populations, governments are conducting...

Oct 25 2021

Oct 19 2021

Who Funds Bitcoin Core Developers? Here Are The Facts

Even superheroes like the Bitcoin Core Developers have to eat. One of the most mind-blowing facts about Bitcoin is that a group of volunteers maintain and keep developing the code. Private companies, NGOs, and wealthy Bitcoiners support them via grants and donations. This is all done over the counter, with as much transparency as possible. Here’s a...

Oct 14 2021

Okcoin Awards Latest Developer Grant To Marco Falke

The cryptocurrency exchange has extended Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke’s no strings attached grant for another year.Bitcoin Core’s most prolific developer Marco Falke has received Okcoin’s latest Open Source Developer Grant.This marks the second year he has been awarded a grant from Okcoin, allowing him to work on Bitcoin Core remotely full time.Falke will focus on testing,...

Sep 14 2021

Human Rights Foundation To Gift 3.75 Bitcoin In Latest Round Of Developer Grants

Sep 14 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business developers gifts grants

The Human Rights Foundation is gifting almost 4 BTC to developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem to work on exciting and important projects.Today, the Human Rights Foundation announced its most recent round of Bitcoin Development Fund grants, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The money is being gifted to 10 developers who will work on improving privacy tools, strengthening developer...

Jul 29 2021

Kraken Commits $300k to the University of Wyoming

Jul 29 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  grants | kraken news

Kraken is excited to announce we have officially partnered with the University of Wyoming to launch a multi-year education effort designed to prepare the next generation for a digital asset-powered economy. This program marks Kraken’s largest ever commitment to furthering the study of Bitcoin and… The post Kraken Commits $300k to the...

Jun 10 2021

Square Allocates $5 Million Bitcoin Endowment To Black Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin-forward financial services company Square has allocated $5 million in BTC from its endowment to Black Bitcoin Billionaire.Financial services company Square has allocated $5 million in BTC as part of its Bitcoin Endowment program to educational program Black Bitcoin Billionaire, the first-ever recipient for a grant from this program.The grant comes as part of a larger commitment to invest $100...

May 06 2021

Ten31 Announces Grants For Open Sats, Bitcoin Q+A

May 06 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business grants ten31

Investment firm Ten31 has announced it will be supporting Open Sats and Bitcoin Q+A with grant funds sourced from its management fees.Ten31, an investment firm focused on Bitcoin-native companies, has announced its first Bitcoin developer and community grants, which are sourced from its fund’s management fees.It will be supporting...

Apr 08 2021

Square Crypto Grants $100,000 To Mempool.Space

Bitcoin block explorer mempool.space will receive $100,000 denominated in bitcoin over the next twelve months from Square Crypto.Square Crypto, the open-source Bitcoin development arm of payments company Square, is supporting one of Bitcoin’s most popular open-source blockchain explorers, mempool.space.The project is run by the pseudonymous...

Kraken’s First Brink Grantee Will Fuel Bitcoin Rust Development

Apr 08 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  grants | kraken news

Kraken is pleased to announce Alekos Filini has been named the first beneficiary of our donation to the Brink Bitcoin research and development center. Launched last November, Brink received $150,000 in support from Kraken Grants, funds that will be allocated by Brink’s independent board… The post Kraken's First Brink...

Mar 10 2021

Kraken Commits Funding to Ethereum 2.0 Transition with New Gitcoin Giving

Mar 10 2021 Published at Kraken Blog under tags  announcements eth grants

Kraken is excited to announce it will match up to $50,000 in donations to open-source Ethereum infrastructure projects as part of Gitcoin’s latest donation drive starting March 10. Over two weeks, Gitcoin, a platform for fundraising built on the Ethereum blockchain, will match user grants… The post Kraken Commits...

Feb 25 2021

BitMEX Operator Continues Support Of Bitcoin Core Maintainer Fanquake With $100,000 Grant

Today, 100x Group, the operator of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX, announced its third grant to Bitcoin Core maintainer Michael Ford, aka Fanquake. This latest donation is for $100,000, bringing 100x Group’s total support of Ford to $250,000 over three years. The grant was made in conjunction with an additional $18,500 being given to Ford by Australian...

BitMEX Operator Continues Support Of Bitcoin Core Maintainer Fanquake With $100,000 Grant

As part of its Open-Source Developer Grant Program, BitMEX’s operator has granted $100,000 to Bitcoin Core Maintainer Michael Ford.The cryptocurrency exchange says a ban of users...

Feb 09 2021

Ethereum Grants $1 Million to Staking Projects

Feb 09 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business donation ethereum grants

The Ethereum Foundation has granted $1 million to community projects that support Ethereum 2.0's staking features. $1 Million in Grants The $1 million in funding was distributed between 25 different projects in 4 different categories. Those categories include community and...

Jan 12 2021

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