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Mar 04 2021

Ethereum’s Top 10 Non-Exchange Whales Accumulate 1.03M ETH in One Day

Summary: Ethereum's top 10 non-exchange whales accumulated 1.03 million ETH in a single day This is the highest one-day accumulation in 6 weeks The Ethereum whales now own a combined 16.86 million ETH Ethereum's price is currently being affected by uncertain global markets On the 1st of March, Ethereum's top 10 non-exchange whale addresses accumulated 1.03 million ETH in a 24 hour period....

Feb 18 2021

Ethereum’s Value Has Increased by a Factor of 22.3x Since March 2020

In brief: Ethereum dropped to as low as $86 during the Coronavirus crash of March 2020 Ethereum has since posted a new all-time high of $1,919 - Binance rate - less than a year later This signifies a 22.3x increment in value or 2,130% in profits $2k is not that far away for Ethereum as ETH accumulation continues by whales Ethereum investors who...

Feb 14 2021

ETH Held By Top 100 Whale Exchange Addresses Drops to 27 Month Lows

Quick take: ETH held by the top 100 Ethereum whale exchange addresses has dropped to levels last seen 27 months ago The drop is inversely correlated with the price of Ethereum The number of Ethereum addresses holding 10k ETH or more has continued to increase Ethereum could be eyeing $2k very soon The amount of Ethereum held by the top 100 whale exchange...

Feb 12 2021

Grayscale Adds ETH Worth $93M in 24 hrs, the Highest Inflow in 2021

In brief: Grayscale has added $93 Million worth of Ethereum to its ETH trust in 24 hours This translates to 52,730 ETH purchased in one day This is the highest daily inflow since the year began and since Grayscale opened subscriptions to its Ethereum trust Ethereum is struggling to turn $1,800 into support and could be a sign of weakness Grayscale Investments has...

Feb 04 2021

Ethereum Daily Transaction Fees Hit $22M, a New All-time High

Quick take: Ethereum daily transaction fees just hit an all-time high of $22 million This exceeds Bitcoin's record of $21.4 million for daily fees Ethereum has also hit an all-time high of $1,695 - Binance rate Grayscale has accumulated 47k ETH in the last 24 hours and 70,791 ETH since it opened subscriptions this week Ethereum has since dipped below $1,600 in what...

Dec 20 2020

Grayscale: There is Strong Demand for Ethereum Investment Products

Quick take: The team at Grayscale has announced that there is great demand for Ethereum investment products Grayscale's Ethereum holdings are close to the $2 Billion mark in terms of value The Grayscale Ethereum Trust recently went through a successful 9-for-1 split Ethereum is consolidating at the $650 price area with $700 possible if Bitcoin is stable The team at Grayscale Investments has...

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