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Mar 11 2022

Is This A Proposal To Incentivize Green Bitcoin Mining Or A Marketing Ploy?

The road to a green bitcoin continues. This time, it’s with an idea so wild that it just may work. It arrives via a whitepaper titled “Greening Bitcoin With Incentive Offsets” by Troy Cross and Andrew M. Bailey. Did they find a way to align...

Aug 12 2021

Breaking: Nasdaq Listed Technology Firm Announces Bitcoin and Ether Mining Plans

Powerbridge Technologies Co ., a Nasdaq-listed technology firm that offers SaaS solutions and blockchain applications announced it would invest and engage in Bitcoin and Ether mining globally. The mining operations will be environmental focused as the firm plans to mine BTC and ETH using clean energy. It has also assembled a team of crypto veterans The post Breaking: Nasdaq Listed Technology Firm Announces...

Jun 06 2021

Day TWO: Key Quotes And Ideas From Of The Bitcoin 2021 Conference In Miami

The Bitcoin 2021 conference is over. The lessons remain. This time, they turned off the livestream’s chat. An elegant solution. A wasted opportunity, the virtual community couldn’t gather around the fire. But hey… much better than watching robots pushing low-quality projects non-stop. And it was easier to focus on the presenter’s words. Still, it felt like something was amiss....

May 28 2021

Vitalik Doubles Down on Proof-of-Stake: It Could Solve Bitcoin’s Problems

Competitors are milking Elon Musk’s misconceptions about Bitcoin’s energy consumption for all their worth. The general public and legacy media won’t shut up about this previously resolved can of worms. And when Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, received the question, he didn’t hesitate....

May 14 2021

Bitcoin Incentivizes Green Energy Infrastructure And Elon Agrees. Here’s Proof

Did you hear about Elon Musk’s concerns about Bitcoin mining, green energy, and the environment? Of course you did. Did it seem suspicious to you that Tesla apparently invested billions of...

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