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Mar 31 2022

Bitcoin's Code Is Immutable And Can Withstand Attempts To Make It Proof Of Stake

Attacks to make Bitcoin change its issuance mechanism to proof of stake are futile. History has shown that this type of attack will not work.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1186: "They're trying to 'change the code' again." Sign up for the newsletter here...

Mar 30 2022

The Bitcoin Community Reacts To Greenpeace And Ripple’s Latest Attack

With the “Change The Code” campaign, Greenpeace and Ripple rubbed the bitcoin community the wrong way. The reactions kept coming throughout the day. Bitcoiners saw through the campaign’s literal intention and interpreted it as an attack on the protocol. And they weren’t quiet about it. In fact, they wouldn’t shut up. Related Reading |...

Ripple & Greenpeace Join Forces For Ridiculous Campaign To Change Bitcoin To PoS

Who’s Chris Larsen trying to fool? Even though the Chairman of Ripple claims that “the company is not involved in this campaign,” their latest PR stunt is as obvious as it gets. Another million-dollar attack on bitcoin, once again using the ESG angle and a set of...

Mar 29 2022

Greenpeace, Ripple Lobby to Move Bitcoin Away From Proof-of-Work

Mar 29 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin greenpeace markets news ripple

Climate activists and crypto billionaire Chris Larsen want to convince Bitcoin companies, miners and developers into changing Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism.Several climate activist groups including Greenpeace and billionaire Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen are launching a campaign to advocate for Bitcoin moving away from Proof-of-Work, a consensus mechanism they argue consumes an unsustainable amount of energy,...

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