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Sep 21 2022

Visit The Guatemalan Lake Town Mining Bitcoin With Used Cooking Oil

Inspired by El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach, a town in Guatemala is focused on cleaning its lake by diverting used cooking oil to bitcoin miners.A circular bitcoin economy in Guatemala is using resources that would otherwise be wasted to fuel a local bitcoin mining operation, giving its resident financial autonomy and demonstrating a viable economic path outside of the government- controlled economy.Patrick...

Jul 20 2022

IBEX Mercado, OSMO Wallet Partner To Further Bitcoin Adoption In Guatemala

Users will have access to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network using OSMO Wallet with IBEX’s infrastructure enabling low-cost, instant payments with cash-out locations.Guatemalans using OSMO Wallet now have access to instant, low-cost bitcoin remittances and payments.OSMO partnered with IBEX Mercado to develop Lightning infrastructure for its users.OSMO partners with AirPak, a remittance...

Mar 04 2022

Mining Bitcoin With Human Waste: The Orange Future Of Wastewater Treatment

Treating human waste by turning it into biogas could be an effective means of mining bitcoin which would benefit small towns in developing countries the most.The chemical composition of our fecal matter allows it to carry internal energy, which can be extracted through special wastewater treatment...

Sep 12 2021

Central American Countries Study the Possibility of CBDC

After El Salvador decided to legalize Bitcoin, the central banks of Guatemala and Honduras are studying the possibility of adopting CBDCs. According to reports, the central banks of Guatemala and Honduras revealed that they were analyzing to adopt cryptocurrencies. This...

Aug 31 2021

El Salvador Set For Bitcoin Rollout With 200 ATM Installations Across The Country

El Salvador has started mounting Bitcoin ATMs that will enable its residents to convert cryptocurrencies to U.S. dollars. The ATMs will also allow for crypto withdrawal in cash, as the government intends to make crypto a legal tender. El Salvador, known officially as the Republic of El Salvador, is a country in Central America. It's bordered on the northwest by Guatemala, on the...

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