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Jan 05 2021

Seven things the DeFi suite can do for you in 2021

Jan 05 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  compusd defi ethusd guest post snxusd

DeFi was the hottest topic of the year in the 2020 crypto realm. It has ruffled feathers and disrupted the financial world as blockchain technology transcends simple value transfer to include other financial services. DeFi is a game-changer, innovation at the forefront, a promise, the next step to a global financial ecosystem where anyone, anywhere, at any time can access a variety of...

Dec 29 2020

Reflecting on the 2020 DeFi craze: Consider the benefits and risks of DeFi

Dec 29 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  defi ethusd guest post

It’s undeniable: 2020 is the year of DeFi. Everyone in crypto knows it. If you’ve got a friend interested in crypto, you’ve probably heard them raving and ranting about DeFi this year. Even if you’re not engaged in the crypto realm, you’ve probably seen the word DeFi littered around the news or gleaned whispers of it from hushed and excited conversations (500% annual...

Dec 23 2020

How crypto mining datacenters could create a more self-reliant food chain in the Nordics

Dec 23 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btcusd guest post mining

There's no more hopeful image than an oasis in a desert. But what about a warm greenhouse in a Nordic winterscape? There’s a greenhouse in Northern Sweden that may be the future of sustainable, year-round farming, and the heat is coming from an unlikely source: Cryptocurrency mining. Crypto Mining Excess and Opportunity Mining for cryptocurrency uses a massive...

Dec 17 2020

How to make venture capital work for blockchain and crypto startups

Dec 17 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption guest post

Innovation across all sectors has long been supported by investors. Many of the world’s most transformative ideas were powered by venture capital, capital that’s becoming increasingly important as software continues to “eat the world”. As nascent industries like blockchain and crypto create a new class of specialized founders, specialist VCs are also claiming formidable capital to make decisive bets. Why Work With a...

Dec 16 2020

Crypto exchanges need to go all-in on security or risk becoming irrelevant

Dec 16 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  exchanges guest post

The security aspect of cryptocurrency exchanges remains an ongoing concern. Numerous companies take this matter too lightly or aren't transparent about how they approach it. That situation needs to change if this industry wants to achieve mainstream adoption. Crypto Exchanges Still Ignore Security It is not the first time the topic of security brings more...

The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin Mining

Today, Slush Pool celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the first block the pool ever mined, Block #97834. It has been an incredible decade, and we’re proud to have mined over 1.25 million BTC since then....

Dec 11 2020

Bitcoin Is The Move

Why A Bitcoin Investment Is A Massively Underrated Opportunity In Today’s Macro Landscape...

Dec 10 2020

What does Yearn.finance’s merger spree mean for DeFi?

Just ahead of the long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, Andre Cronje of Yearn Finance prepares for the next phase of DeFi growth with a flurry of mergers. What does it say about the state of DeFi? Since its launch on July 17th, 2020, Yearn Finance had been envisioned as an aggregator platform encompassing various lending protocols, with the most...

Dec 09 2020

The Sovereign Company Thesis

Bitcoin does the same thing for companies as it does for individuals: it gives them more freedom. In the wake of large public corporations adding bitcoin to their balance sheets, I want to explore the greater implication of companies adopting Bitcoin. As companies adopt Bitcoin, they will begin to gain new levels of sovereignty and leverage over the state as well as...

Dec 08 2020

Should ICO project founders be held criminally liable for withholding information?

Dec 08 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  guest post icos

There are some exciting things going on in the crypto start-up space. With cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin gaining traction around the world, and with blockchains like Ethereum gaining greater usage, start-up founders are seeing new opportunities to innovate. These start-ups are creating new currencies, digitizing and tokenizing assets like real estate and contracts, tackling the remittance problem, establishing new coin exchanges, and...

Dec 07 2020

We Must Solve Bitcoin’s Custody UX Problem

Twelve years is the blink of an eye in historical terms, but it’s an eternity in tech. Just look at the cellphone, which went from niche accessory to absolute necessity in under a decade. Still, new technologies don’t always soar immediately: it took a quarter of a century for the humble washing machine to reach even half of U.S. homes. This Halloween marked...

The Dimensions Of Bitcoin

Dec 07 2020 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  dimensions guest post philosophy

Pete Campbell: “I have to bring this up to you. Only because I believe … it would be damaging to Sterling Cooper. It has come to my attention, completely by accident, that Donald Draper, is not who he says he is. His real name is Dick Whitman, but Dick Whitman died [in the Korean War] ten years ago. It stands to reason that...

Dec 04 2020

China is in pole position to dethrone the US as the leading financial power

Dec 04 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption guest post opinion

A cold war is brewing in the financial world. America is losing its dominant position to countries exploring alternative currencies. Both CBDCs and the Euro are poised to make their mark on the industry. From Innocent Beginnings… Everyone looks at the world's leading economy for guidance, yet the United States may lose that situation in the near future....

Dec 01 2020

You Don’t Have To Worry About Bitcoin’s Reliance On Utilities

Imagine what life would be like if there were no electricity or communications networks available. How many days of food do you have at your house? How much cash do you have on hand? Can you go out to try to buy up what’s left at the stores that still have their doors open? What else would you be worried about? What would...

Nov 24 2020

The Virtuous Cycle of Bitcoin Giving

Higher Prices Mean More Giving. More Giving Means More Adoption Bitcoin has left every other asset class in the dust. And that outperformance didn’t just take place this year — it’s outperformed every asset over the last five-year and 10-year periods. As we approach a new all time high, 99 percent of bitcoin owners are in profit. Given how rapidly bitcoin has appreciated,...

Nov 17 2020

How DeFi could unlock institutional liquidity

Nov 17 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  defi guest post

In the world of traditional finance, traders rely on credit, making plays across multiple exchanges from one pool of collateral managed by prime brokers. Meanwhile, digital asset traders are often forced to fully fund nearly all their trading activity — committing capital to unregulated exchanges with shallow liquidity, where they are exposed to high levels of counterparty risk and suffer slow settlement from...

Nov 08 2020

Crypto entrepreneurship is like climbing Mt Everest

Nov 08 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption culture guest post

Guest post by Thierry Gilgen, CEO of MachinaTrader. We are living in a special moment in time. There are not one or two technologies simultaneously changing the world, but five or so: AI and machine learning, blockchain, IoT, autonomous mobility, and data science. Each of them could have as big an impact as the steam engine. Furthermore, all of these combined are much...

Nov 06 2020

The challenges of large-scale crypto mining

Nov 06 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  analysis btcusd guest post mining

It's the question every business asks at some point: How do I scale? But crypto mining isn't just any other business and comes with its own set of scaling issues to consider. You can try scaling alone, but you’ll be spending more time tinkering with cooling systems and software than productively mining. Wasted time like that could put you behind in the fast...

Oct 31 2020

How COVID-19 has impacted crypto mining operations

Oct 31 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btcusd coronavirus guest post mining

2020 has become the year of the pandemic, and COVID-19 has affected nearly all reaches of life, including the cryptocurrency industry. To add to the uncertainty, right in the middle of the pandemic the Bitcoin halving occurred. We’ve seen hash rates and the price of Bitcoin fluctuate in the past few months — is COVID-19 threatening to destabilize the entire Bitcoin ecosystem? Mining...

Oct 29 2020

It’s do or die for DeFi: How crypto’s latest craze can save itself

Oct 29 2020 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  defi guest post

Don’t be fooled by total value locked (TVL): DeFi is on life support. Still, by almost every measure, DeFi appears to be skyrocketing. TVL has increased from just over $550 million a year ago to $11.2 billion at the time of this writing, according to DeFi Pulse. The leading DEX’s fortunes have swung wildly, propelling Uniswap suddenly to star status, while its SushiSwap...

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