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Oct 21 2020

A Yield-Generating Stablecoin: BXTB’s Vision to Transform Yield Farming

Oct 21 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  bxtb defi guides stablecoin yield farming

It is up to new projects to find innovative approaches to reinvigorate the DeFi niche, and BXTB is bringing innovation to DeFi. The Covid pandemic, social unrest, and economic turmoil experienced by countries around the world have resulted in a loss of trust in fiat currencies and traditional finance. This combination of factors has caused [...] The post A Yield-Generating Stablecoin: BXTB’s Vision...

Oct 19 2020

Crypto Trading Bots Guide

Crypto trading bots were a sensation several years ago. They managed to bring considerable profit to those who knew how to use them properly. Essentially, they still can augment your capital. Changelly’s collected basics about crypto trading bots to provide you with all the necessary information on how to build a trading bot, how to set it up and how to make it...

Surveying Poolz: An L3 Swapping Protocol for Boosting Liquidity Options in DeFi

Oct 19 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  defi guides poolz

The rising cryptoeconomy, and Ethereum in particular lately, is showing how assets in the future will be digital, and in extension, extremely liquid. Accordingly, it's fair to say that while we're already seeing more and more innovations and milestones around liquidity in crypo than ever before, we've collectively only just begun to scratch the surface [...] The post Surveying Poolz: An L3 Swapping...

Oct 13 2020

Best Zero-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Have you ever dreamed of zero-fee cryptocurrency trading? Is this thing possible? Anyone who has tried to trade crypto knows that commission fees will eat a small fraction of profit. However, the industry provides exchange platforms for efficient yet commission-free trading. The crypto industry is moving forward by adopting advanced features from the...

Oct 12 2020

How to Trade Bitcoin from Anywhere in The World

Every stock exchange means more than one local market. If you want a big profit – you always start a new venture elsewhere. But before blockchain the international trading was difficult. Fewer investors had had enough capital to make their first successful steps on their own. But today the foul circle of poverty was broken when the blockchain arrived.

Oct 08 2020

Safex: Blockchain Engine for eCommerce Stores

Oct 08 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  ecommerce guides privacy safex xcalibra

Safex is an open-source, privacy-based decentralized marketplace, which utilities contemporary crypto and blockchain technology to enhance the eCommerce marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Through time, we have seen the marketplace go from simple bartering to a currency economy, from simple markets to brick and mortar stores and then on to a digitized marketplace via [...] The post Safex: Blockchain Engine for eCommerce...

Oct 07 2020

5 Most Popular DeFi tokens You Should Have in Your Wallet

Oct 07 2020 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  crypto cryptocurrency defi guides swissborg

In late September, Bitcoin and Ether started to pull back. However, the massive value locked up in decentralized finance (DeFi) contracts has exploded around that time. In fact, that value has grown by US$2.9 billion since August alone. The whopping growth of DeFi has also created highly demanded tokens as a means of value capture […] The post...

Oct 05 2020

Inside Fuse: A Project Powering Microeconomies on Ethereum

Oct 05 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  ethereum fuse guides

Ethereum is a trailblazer in the cryptoeconomy right now because it empowers not only decentralized finance, but also decentralized culture. This dynamic has paved the way for subprojects to experiment at the crossroads of finance and culture in ways that were never previously possible. Among these interesting efforts has been Fuse, a protocol that's focused [...] The post Inside Fuse: A Project Powering...

Oct 02 2020

Velmie Review: White-Label Wallet & Payment Systems Provider

Oct 02 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  guides reviews velmie white label

Established 8 years ago – Velmie has built up a reputation as a top-tier financial technology provider, specializing in delivering fiat and crypto wallet solutions for FinTech companies. It has loads of options – and an excellent track record in the industry. Velmie has successfully developed and launched various products for enterprises and financial institutions, [...] The post Velmie Review: White-Label Wallet &...

Sep 29 2020

NEAR Protocol Guide: Global Computing Platform for the Open Web

Sep 29 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  guides near near protocol

In the echo chamber of the crypto universe, it’s easy to forget that blockchain and crypto don’t yet have widespread, mainstream adoption. While it’s growing, there are still only 50 million wallet users in the world, and State of the Dapps lists just over 3,500 dApps compared to over two million on the Apple App [...] The post NEAR Protocol Guide: Global Computing...

Sep 28 2020

Inside Aavegotchi: The Project Melding DeFi & NFTs Atop Ethereum

Sep 28 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  aave aavegotchi defi ethereum guides

Currently the second-largest project in decentralized finance, lending and borrowing protocol Aave has been one of the DeFi ecosystem's fastest risers and biggest stars in 2020. That this is the case isn't surprising, either: the Aave team has developed and delivered innovations at a rapid pace this year, e.g. interest-bearing aTokens like aLINK, flash loans, [...] The post Inside Aavegotchi: The Project Melding...

Sep 16 2020

Exploring Walletreum: A Crypto-Asset Management Tool Built Around WALT

Sep 16 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  defi guides walletreum

The cryptoeconomy is still very young, and with that dynamic comes the reality that there's still no shortage of room for upstart projects to make headway into the space. The key for these projects? To offer innovative solutions that crypto users actually want and need right now. The Hong Kong-based Walletreum project, a crypto-asset management [...] The post Exploring Walletreum: A Crypto-Asset Management...

Aug 19 2020

eToro Review 2020: Is eToro Legit, Safe, and Worth Your Time?

eToro is often referred to as the “Robinhood of Europe,” drawing comparisons to the U.S. Fin-tech unicorn for its user-friend trading experience. For U.S-based eToro users, the platform offers 15 cryptocurrencies for trade, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. For...

Aug 12 2020

The Best Ethereum Wallet Reviews for 2020

Aug 12 2020 Published at CoinCentral under tags  coinbase ethereum exodus guides jaxx

Ethereum has one of the highest market caps in the cryptocurrency world so it’s no surprise that there’s been a major influx of attention from the mainstream public. With this increased attention comes the need for a secure place to store ether. So we’re going to talk about Ethereum wallets. Think about what you really need for storing your ether. A few questions...

Jul 30 2020

BlockFi Review: Is BlockFi Safe, Legit, and Worth Your Time?

Jul 30 2020 Published at CoinCentral under tags  bitcoin blockfi ethereum gemini guides

With a 6% APY on BTC and 8.6% on stablecoins, the BlockFi Interest Account seems like a ray of sunshine for digital asset holders that have grown used to having their holdings slosh around with market volatility. Let's explore in our BlockFi review. The BlockFi Interest Account: It allows users to earn competitive...

May 11 2020

9 Top High-Earning Crypto Affiliate Programs

Are you looking to earn money online and not sure where to start? Have you heard about affiliate marketing? It has been around for a while. In a nutshell, this type of marketing means that a company or platform pays you when you send them customers. Here is how it works: you sign up for […] The post 9 Top High-Earning Crypto Affiliate...

Apr 04 2020

The Ultimate List of Best Crypto Casinos

Apr 04 2020 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  bitcoin casino crypto cryptocurrency guides

It’s officially corona time and time when people should #stayhome. It’s for our own safety and the safety of others. And it also shouldn't be taken as something tragic. This will pass and thanks to the power of the Internet, now you have enough time to explore different things. In case you’re a crypto enthusiast, […] The post The Ultimate List of...

Mar 16 2020

The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Invest in SafePost’s IEO

This is a detailed blog post that will guide you through investing in SafePost's IEO through the crypto exchange p2pb2b starting on March 16th. In case you're not familiar with SafePost, let me do a quick introduction. SafePost is a blockchain-powered email and storage platform that eliminates spam and phishing emails from your inbox and […] The post...

Mar 14 2020

SafePost: a blockchain powered email & storage platform for the new era makes an IEO

Mar 14 2020 Published at AirdropAlert under tags  blockchain crypto guides ieo safepost

More than $200 billion: that's the worth of the market to make emails exchanged by 3.5 billion active users safe every year. Despite these sophisticated spam filters, we still receive SPAM, while some messages are mistakenly classified as junk emails. We will never see them because they are not visible in our inbox and we […] The post...

Mar 11 2020

Crypto Faucet Scams: How to Recognize Them

In one of our previous blog posts we talked about crypto/bitcoin faucets and how to earn with them.We mentioned that this can be easy and beginner-friendly way to dive in the crypto world without investing or trading. However, not all are good. You see, there is a dark side as well ­- crypto faucet scams […] The post Crypto Faucet Scams: How to...

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