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Nov 29 2022

Serum Exchange Declared Defunct

Nov 29 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  crypto exchange news defi hack solana

Serum exchange rendered 'defunct' following the collapse of the crypto trading platform, Alameda and crypto exchange FTX The Solana-based decentralized exchange (DEX) has informed its community that its program is now "defunct" due to the failure of its backers, FTX and Alameda.Despite ongoing difficulties, the project's team expressed that "there is hope" due to the […] The post...

Nov 28 2022

Canadian Crypto Exchange Coinsquare Confirms Data Breach

Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsquare has become the latest victim of a security breach that resulted in compromised users' personal details, the platform confirmed last weekend by sending an email to its customers.


Nov 24 2022

Bahamas Security Commission Weighs on Recent FTX Hack

The post Bahamas Security Commission Weighs on Recent FTX Hack appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The Bahamas' Securities Commission claims that the ongoing "hacking attempts" on the digital assets of FTX hint that they were right to seize control of the...

Nov 21 2022

Who Is the FTX Hacker? On-Chain Clues Shed Light on the Situation

Nov 21 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  analysis ftx hack

The address that transferred approximately $372 million from FTX likely belongs to a black hat hacker. Who Hacked FTX? Debate is raging over who hacked FTX. The embattled crypto exchange...

FTX Hack Presents Reputational Problem for Crypto

Nov 21 2022 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  crime cryptocurrency ftx hack opinions

Reading Time: 2 minutes The FTX hack is looking like a PR disaster for crypto If the $477 million hacker can walks away with the funds while the world is watching, crypto will be in real trouble Its reputation will be even more in the gutter if mixing services are...

Nov 20 2022

FTX Hacker Finally Starts Dumping Huge Amount Of Ethereum!

The post FTX Hacker Finally Starts Dumping Huge Amount Of Ethereum! appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News The 2nd largest digital asset in terms of market capitalization seems to get trapped amid the ongoing FTX-Alameda drama as the collapse of FTX and its hack of the security system of over $600 million worth of crypto funds has led to a scarcity in circulation....

Nov 14 2022

Exploiting The Lightning Bug Was The Ethical Choice

Nov 14 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bugs ethics hack lightning nodes lnd

By publicly exploiting a bug on Lightning that could have put users’ funds at risk, the developer was acting in the best interests of Bitcoin node runners.This is an opinion editorial by Shinobi, a self-taught educator in the Bitcoin space and tech-oriented Bitcoin podcast host.For the second time in roughly a month, btcd/LND have had a bug exploited which caused them...

Nov 13 2022

Kraken CSO claims to Identify the Hacker Who Stole $600 Million From FTX

The post Kraken CSO claims to Identify the Hacker Who Stole $600 Million From FTX appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News Going into the weekend, FTX developments kept the cryptocurrency market on its toes. After hearing that FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried had declared bankruptcy and resigned, FTX reported account access violations. Reports claim that hackers stole more than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency...

Nov 12 2022

FTX Hit by Nine-Figure Hack as Meltdown Continues

Nov 12 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  ftx hack news

FTX.US General Counsel Ryne Miller said that assets had been moved to cold storage to mitigate damage upon observing unauthorized transactions. FTX Suffers Major Hack FTX, the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange...

FTX On The Verge Of Potential Hack Due To Outflows

Nov 12 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  ftx hack hacks and scams solana

The people in charge of FTX seemed to confirm rumors that Telegram had been hacked by telling users to delete FTX apps and stay away from its website. Late Friday night, more than $600 million in crypto left the wallets of the bankrupt crypto company. There isn't a clear reason why.Soon after, FTX announced on […] The post FTX On The Verge Of...

Breaking: FTX Hacked: $1bn Drained from FTX and FTX US Accounts So Far

The FTX drama continues.

Just hours after FTX crypto exchange filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Sam Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO, over $600 million disappeared from FTX wallets within a matter of hours with no explanation as to why.

Amid the Friday night...

Nov 04 2022

$Gala Games Self-Attack Argument On $4.4M Exploit Failing: Token Bleeds As Community Grows Skeptical

P2E gaming platform Gala Games is experiencing a fallout from some community members over a recent security incident. Reports have emerged that hackers made off with over $4 million in GALA. Holders are also seeing a massive drop in their GALA holdings, with little information as to what exactly is going on. Details are scarce, with some conflicting reports on what exactly has...

Another Bug Briefly Took Down Part Of The Lightning Network

Nov 04 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bugs hack lnd marty's bent technical

The nature of open-source distributed systems leaves some vulnerabilities open to exploitation, but should bugs be exploited publicly or disclosed in private?The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1278: "Another LND/btcd bug emerges." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Nov 03 2022

Mobile Gaming Legend Suffers Sim-swap Attack in AT&T Store

Nov 03 2022 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  crime cryptocurrency news hack

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gabe Leydon, CEO of two gaming companies, was the victim of a SIM swap attack inside an AT&T store This resulted in attackers conducting a phishing attack through his Twitter account The hackers managed to obtain 19 ETH and over a dozen NFTs...

Nov 02 2022

Crypto Exchange Deribit Loses $28 Million To Cybercriminals

Deribit, a leading cryptocurrency futures and exchange, becomes the first victim of crypto hackers for November 2022 as its hot wallet was drained of $28 million. The cyber attack affected the exchange’s Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDC hot wallets. The company, however, has already given its assurance to immediately compensate the losses with the use of its funds. Things could have been worse but...

Deribit Hot Wallet Hacked For $28 Million In Bitcoin And Ether

Deribit said $28 million in Bitcoin and Ether was stolen from its hot wallet late on Tuesday.

$28 Million Stolen From Deribit Hot Wallets

Reading Time: 2 minutes $28 million has been stolen from the hot wallets of Bitcoin options platform Deribit User funds are not affected and the company says it will cover the loss No explanation has yet been offered as to how the hackers got in...

Oct 31 2022

Mango Markets Exploiter – People Are Jealous

Reading Time: 2 minutes The man who exploited the Mango Markets platform for $100 million has said that people are just jealous of him Avraham Eisenberg told the Unchained podcast that his actions were legal and carried out within the boundaries of the platform...

Oct 26 2022

Compound Pauses Four Tokens After Mango Markets Exploit

Oct 26 2022 Published at FullyCrypto under tags  bitcoin news defi exchange hack

Reading Time: 2 minutes Compound has halted the ability to use four coins as collateral, fearing a Mango Markets-style attack...

Oct 24 2022

OlympusDAO Hacker Returns $300,000 After Reportedly Being Paid A Bounty

Oct 24 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd crypto news dao

OlympusDAO, a decentralized reserve currency protocol launched in May last year, was the target of a cyber attack that led to the siphoning of 30,000 OHM tokens valued at about $300,000. Blockchain security analytics firm PeckShield shared some information about the hack, saying there was an error in the protocol's smart contract...

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