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Sep 26 2022

Despite Financial Times FUD, Bitcoin Is Not Crypto

Too many continue to conflate Bitcoin with cryptocurrencies, but those arguments can be dismantled, step by step.This is an opinion editorial by Federico Rivi, an independent journalist and author of the Bitcoin Train newsletter.Would you say that soccer and baseball are part of the same industry because both playing fields are covered with grass and in both games a ball is...

Sep 23 2022

Why This Bear Market Is Especially Bullish

Hash rate hit an all-time high, miners seem to be done selling bitcoin, institutions are still interested and long-term holders continue to stack sats.This is a transcribed excerpt of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” hosted by P and Q. In this episode, they are joined by Sam Callahan to talk about the three main reasons he’s bullish on bitcoin, even during the depths...

Sep 14 2022

Bitcoin Doesn’t Die: Hash Rate Retakes All-Time High

Over the years, there have been various sentiments regarding the “death of bitcoin,” but the digital asset continues to prove doubters wrong. This time around, bitcoin has seen a significant rebound in its hash rate that suggests more miners are coming back online. This increase in hash rate carries implications for the miners but shows more interest in the network, causing on-chain metrics...

Mining Concentration In America Poses A Major Threat To Bitcoin

Blind patriotism encouraging further centralization of mining in America is a regulatory capture trap.This is an opinion editorial by Shinobi, a self-taught educator in the Bitcoin space and tech-oriented Bitcoin podcast host. Since the mining ban came to China, there has been a massive migration of Bitcoin...

Sep 13 2022

Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits New Highs As Price Stays Flat — What It Means For Miners

Rising energy costs, a new hash rate ATH and flat bitcoin prices pose challenges to some miners as margins get squeezed.Bitcoin’s total hash rate has hit a new all-time high, according to Coin Metrics data, only weeks after the end of a two-month...

Sep 10 2022

Poolin Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate Share Cut In Half

Bitcoin mining pool Poolin suspended withdrawals and is suffering for it as nearly 50% of its hash rate looks to have left....

Sep 07 2022

Bitcoin Miner Margins Get Squeezed As Price, Hash Rate Diverge

While most miners are struggling to hold bitcoin in their treasuries, some are leveraging strong financials to expand operations.The bitcoin mining industry continues to exhibit a broad range of activity stretching from rapid expansion to extreme capitulation as the price of bitcoin falls below $19,000 amid...

Aug 31 2022

Bitcoin Hash Rate Touches the Highest Level in 2 Months

Bitcoin mining has always been one of the hottest topics in the crypto ecosystem because of the energy usage in its mining operations. While BTC’s mining difficulty has decreased in the past few months, its hash rate has climbed.

According to the data published by

Aug 24 2022

Rare Signal Emerges Hinting Now Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

The time-tested hash ribbons indicator flagged a rare buy signal on Friday, suggesting now is the best time to buy bitcoin.Hash ribbons, an indicator with a proven track record of spotting opportunistic entry points for bitcoin, has flashed a buy signal suggesting now is a prime period to purchase the peer-to- peer currency.Knowing when is the best time to make an investment...

Aug 11 2022

Zero Hash to Become a Digital Currency Exchange Provider in Australia

Zero Hash Holdings, a digital asset services firm that enables neo-banks, broker-dealers and payment groups to offer digital asset offerings, has successfully registered to be a Digital Currency Exchange provider (DCE) in Australia.

The registration was granted by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC), the Australian government financial...

Aug 09 2022

Bitcoin Mining Company CleanSpark Acquires 86 MW Mining Facility

The location has 36 MW currently available and can scale up to 86 MW and the company purchased an additional 3,400 Antminers adding 340 PH/s to its hash rate.CleanSpark acquired an operationally ready bitcoin mining facility in Washington, Georgia.The facility was owned by bitcoin mining company Waha Technologies and is scalable to 86 MW.CleanSpark also purchased an additional 3,400...

Jul 28 2022

Bitcoin Hash Rate Plummets From All-Time High

Does hash rate fall this significantly often? Miner monthly revenue nears 2017 levels. Hash price is now 48% up from the lows. Is this a mining death spiral?...

Jul 13 2022

Is The Bitcoin Price Bottom In? Here’s What Hash Ribbons Tell Us

The bitcoin price tends to be cyclical, and we’re all trying to time the bottom. Can hash ribbons be the metric that predicts it?The question of whether the bitcoin price bottom is behind us is on the minds of many investors who are poised with the challenge: buy the dip or wait for a bigger one?Financial predictions are seldom accurate, and...

Jul 06 2022

Public Miners Start Selling Bitcoin Treasuries

As June monthly production updates roll out over the next week, Core Scientific and Bitfarms have both sold nearly 50% or more of their bitcoin treasuries....

Jul 05 2022

These Six Mining Charts Illustrate The Bitcoin Bear Market

The bear market cycle is in full effect, and these bits of data from the mining sector illustrate the effects of a depressed bitcoin market.Bitcoin’s price is down roughly 70% from its latest all-time high, and the mining sector is feeling the full weight of the ongoing bear market. Lots of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) often spread far and wide about...

Jun 14 2022

Has The Bitcoin Hash Rate Gotten Too High?

The Bitcoin network’s hash rate level continues to hit record highs in 2022, but how much hash rate is enough… or even too much?Miners provide a last line of defense for securing the Bitcoin network against brute-force attacks from malicious actors who might accumulate a majority of SHA-256 hash rate. The more hashing power is spent discovering new blocks for the longest...

May 19 2022

Why We Can’t Trust Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate Data From China

The changing proportion of Bitcoin network hash rate emanating from China can be explained by the inherent flaws in how this data is collected.China has “re-emerged” as a major bitcoin mining hub in 2022, representing more than 20% of the Bitcoin network’s hash rate, according to...

May 17 2022

China Emerges As Second-Largest Bitcoin Mining Hub Despite Ban

A report from Cambridge exploring bitcoin mining shows the U.S. as the dominant global player and China in second despite the country’s ban last year.New data from Cambridge details a portrait for the global hash rate of bitcoin mining. The U.S. is solidifying its position as the global leader with 37.84% of the global hash rate. China surged to almost 22% following...

May 16 2022

Market Mayhem and Calling the Bitcoin Price Bottom

May 16 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cpi economy fed watch gold hash rate

A contrarian take on the current market structure suggesting that the bitcoin bottom is near and the Federal Reserve will reverse its hawkish course.Watch This Video On YouTube or...

May 12 2022

Record Mining Difficulty Shows Industry Growth Despite Bitcoin Bear Market

The bears can’t keep miners down as data shows increasing hash rate — which could lead to some uncomfortable hash price realities.Bitcoin may be in a bearish market, but the mining industry is growing bigger than ever. Bitcoin mining difficulty set a new record high for the sixth time this year on Tuesday, reaching 31.25 trillion, according to mining data from...

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