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Jul 27 2022

The Price Of Principles

It is my hope that a transition to a world on a Bitcoin standard will re- center the focus of medicine on the doctor-patient relationship.This article originally appeared in Bitcoin Magazine's "Censorship Resistant Issue." To get a copy,...

Jul 19 2022

Bitcoin Incentivizes Patient-Centered Healthcare For Millions Of Americans

Why a new healthcare system should be the first product developed in Web5 to offer equitable, affordable and patient-centered healthcare for Americans.This is an opinion editorial by Vishvas Garg, a Ph.D. in pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, pharmaceutical policy and outcomes research from the University of New Mexico.In a previous article, I introduced...

Jul 13 2022

How A Bitcoin Standard Fixes Healthcare

The Surgery Center Of Oklahoma is a free-market exchange of services between a patient and their surgeon for high quality healthcare, and they accept bitcoin.This is an opinion editorial by RootCause MD, a practicing doctor who ​​favors a holistic, full-stack approach to fixing health.RootCause MD has no affiliation whatsoever to the Oklahoma Surgery Center....

Jun 26 2022

Bitcoin Can Fund High-Quality, Equitable, Healthcare For Everyone

Creating a system distributed by the internet the same way Bitcoin exists could create accessible healthcare for everyone.The Current Global Health Care System Is BrokenOver 6.2 million people have died of COVID-19-related deaths as of June 13, 2022. This is despite $8.9 trillion or...

Feb 10 2022

We Need Our Farmers, Our Farmers Need Bitcoin

The backbone of our nation, farmers stand to benefit the most from sovereign money that cannot be diluted or degraded.With special contributions by: Texas Slim, Clemenza, Mark Maraia and...

Jan 20 2022

I Saw The Problems Bitcoin Solved Before It Was Invented

If you’re curious about networking at Bitcoin 2022, explaining bitcoin to boomers, or whether or not you have scurvy, read on.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Dec 02 2021

Big Data & Digital Transformation in the new Health Era

The healthcare industry has undergone many changes in the past few years with the inclusion of game-changing technology such as Big Data. The industry has outgrown the traditional medical institution model...

Nov 05 2021

Top 3 Healthcare Blockchain Projects

Blockchain technology is creating change in almost all aspects of human life and has gone beyond the realms of cryptocurrency trading. Some projects are offering gaming experiences as well as opportunities...

Aug 10 2021

Bitcoin’s Energy Use Compared To Other Major Industries

The data shows Bitcoin’s energy use would represent just a rounding error in the construction, transportation or healthcare industries.As a civil engineer still working in the construction industry full-time, the burgeoning Bitcoin ecosystem is not an environment where I can easily make any significant impact in terms of technological development or coding. That said, there are several civil engineering skills...

Jan 27 2021

American Cancer Society Launches $1M Cryptocurrency Fund

The first cryptocurrency donor to contribute $250,000 or over will have the opportunity to choose a name for the fund

Jan 19 2021

UK’s NHS Taps Blockchain Tech to Monitor Coronavirus Vaccine Cold Chain

Hedera Hashgraph's blockchain platform will provide the health service with a tamperproof record of vaccine temperatures, the firm said.

Jan 07 2021

Coronavirus Vaccines Certified With VeChain’s Blockchain Tech in Cyprus

The medical certification app was developed by VeChain and I-Dante last May.

Nov 06 2020

Blockchain in Retail Vol.2: Healthcare

This year has shown us the importance of keeping a sound mind in a sound body. Healthcare is literally a vital part of our lives. As we know, blockchain technology is being actively implemented in different spheres of the real world – from finances (DeFi, banking) to the fashion and agriculture sectors. Changelly continues to provide a series of articles about how blockchain...

Oct 30 2020

Solve.Care Partners With Chainlink

Solve.Care, the blockchain-based healthcare platform, announced its partnership with Chainlink, one of the world's most decentralized oracle networks. As a result of this partnership, Solve.Care will integrate Chainlink's oracle networks into its healthcare platform. This will leverage the use of smart contracts in the healthcare sector. How blockchain can boost the healthcare sector...

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