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Feb 28 2022

HI Launches GIGA Pool Liquidity Rewards Program Offering 9,700% APY

Community-centric crypto platform, HI, has announced very attractive rewards for its new liquidity pool. It claims to be the world’s “most generous” liquidity provision pool. HI Launches GIGA Pool late last week, and already it is proving to be a winner for staking returns. 200 Million HI tokens were...

Dec 21 2021

HI Announces a Liquidity Pool Program with 1500% APY

Dec 21 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cryptocurrency news hi hi dollar

Hi, the community-focused crypto platform has announced a massive rewards program for liquidity providers. Hi is giving away 10 million Hi Dollars in an incentive announced on December 20th. The non-profit...

Nov 18 2021

Hi Launches Long-Awaited Android and iOS Apps

The community-focused Hi crypto platform has launched its long-awaited mobile apps enabling users to access its digital economy through their smartphones. On November 17, the Hi team announced that they had launched the Android app which is available from the Google Play Store. The team stated that users can get started with as little as $10, having the ability to send and receive...

Nov 17 2021

Hi Celebrates 1.6 Million Users in the First Six Months

Hi, a community-centric crypto platform is celebrating its first six months since it launched, and the platform has made some impressive milestones. The non-profit financial services platform has had an impressive start since it launched to private beta on May 10th, 2021. Therefore, Hi revealed that it had onboarded more than 1.7 million users spanning 180...

Sep 19 2021

Earn Passively on Not-for-Profit Platform hi

Sep 19 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  hi hi dollar product release & updates

Users of not-for-profit platform hi can now earn up to 40% APY rewards on their cryptocurrency assets. This is a major update as all hi members will have the opportunity to earn passive income on their crypto assets. According to a press release, apart from the estimated 40% APY on crypto assets, users of the not-for-profit platform hi will also earn yield options...

Aug 20 2021

Not-for-Profit hi Platform Hits 1 Million Members Milestone

The not-for-profit cross financial services platform, hi, recorded an amazing one million new members milestone in August 2021. This milestone comes barely 100 days following the strategic launch of the private beta of the not-for- profit hi platform and the creation of its native token known as the hi Dollar (HI). The fintech platform hi is also known for working to bridge the gap...

Jul 27 2021

hi AMA – Session with Co-Founder, Sean Rach

"hi" is a community-powered financial system for both fiat and cryptocurrency. hi utilizes blockchain in designing community-powered services. Notably, the community members are key stakeholders of the system, and the not-for-profit service focuses on improving membership value; not profits. hi also plans to launch its services through a mobile app,...

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