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Dec 05 2021

How An 18th Century Gambler Paved The Way For Central Banks, And Necessitated Bitcoin

John Law, a darling of the French king, wrote the blueprint for central banks, demonstrating the fiat flaws that Bitcoin solves as he did.I always love writing about the bridge between current events and their (often entertaining) counterparts or parallels in history. The current “war-on-cash” we see by the nation states along with the planned economy of the Amazons, Googles, Alibabas and...

Dec 03 2021

They Haven't Been Teaching Monetary History Accurately

No, the gold standard did not cause the Great Depression. And yes, a Bitcoin standard is needed today.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1122: "They haven't been teaching monetary history accurately." Sign up for the newsletter here....

Nov 17 2021

Bitcoin, Magic Bubbles And History

While bitcoin has faced many short-term bubble scenarios in the past, its redeeming qualities have remained consistent. My son recently celebrated his fifth birthday. We had a party for him and we did...

Nov 06 2021

Why The Ancient Greeks Would Have Referred To Bitcoin As The Work Of Daedalus

In a world of destruction and creation, Bitcoin is the work of Daedalus, a representation of everything just, useful and beautiful.Throughout the whole of history many means of exchange have disappeared. Supposing that money as we know it today, were to also disappear? The world would not miss it for a single day, for its disappearance alone would reveal that it had...

Oct 21 2021

A Timeline Of Bitcoin And The Six Groups Who’ve Bought It

Throughout Bitcoin’s lifetime, different people have participated in the network based on different desires.Originally published in The Conversation, under Creative Commons licence CC-BY-ND. Updated here by the author.Mainstream commentators are often...

Sep 16 2021

Bitcoin, Voting Blocs And The Effect On Bipartisanship

The steady polarization of society we are currently undergoing may be reversed with a bitcoin standard.There Are Always TwoPolarity is a staple of our existence: North and south, good and evil, black and white, Jedi and Sith, Marvel and DC. Middle grounds and tertiary options often become consumed by the intense opposing forces at the edge. These gray areas often find...

Sep 14 2021

The Case Against Bitcoin’s Inflation Narrative

Despite inflation being most commonly cited as the reason for Bitcoin’s price appreciation, there are other factors at play.What do Peter Schiff, gold bugs, the financial media and many bitcoiners have in common? It is the shared belief that "money printing" is to blame for many, if not all, of the increases in price that plague our economy. While it cannot be...

Aug 20 2021

Central Banks Were Born From The War Machine And Government Overreach

The distributors of evil have arisen from the fires of hell and seek to destroy all in their path.Central banks are a fundamental reality of the modern world, but it was not always so. The Bank of England (BoE) was founded in 1694, the first modern central bank. The BoE was born directly from the monetary overreach of the Stuart monarchs. Their...

Aug 05 2021

Hard To Soft Money: The Hyperinflation Of The Roman Empire

Historically, hyperinflation is a positive feedback loop of free money, illusionary wealth and greed.Almost two thousand years before the early 1920s Weimar Germany hyperinflation, there was the great currency debasement of the Roman Empire....

Jul 30 2021

The Semantics Of The Bitcoin Layers

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history layer 2 layers scaling

While we casually talk about Bitcoin having multiple layers, the word itself has historical meaning.The Semantics Of A Bitcoin LayerThe idea of a layer comes from two worlds, each of which uses a layered approach in a distinct manner: the world of money, and the world of networks. In this article we will briefly explore both worlds. After the concept of...

Jul 28 2021

Financial Protestants: How The Bitcoin Revolution Resembles The Reformation

Various similarities exist between The Protestant Reformation and the revolution being built around Bitcoin.The European Renaissance is generally held in high regard in the Bitcoin community as a model of a contrarian, revolutionary impact on the world. This movement was driven by humanist thought leadership and philosophy, scientific discovery, geographic exploration and artistic evolution. Likewise, Bitcoiners...

Jul 21 2021

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

Jul 21 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bears culture history

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.There will always be people who criticize creators of breakthrough technologies. And their criticisms may affect no one or millions depending on their reach. However, the loudest are often leaders in their fields and influential because of their work. These innovation antagonists oppose any who attempt what...

Jul 15 2021

How Bitcoin Will Impact El Salvador’s Geopolitics

Jul 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture economy el salvador history

A survey of the history, economy, geography and demographics of El Salvador demonstrate that the adoption of Bitcoin will be a major success.Bitcoin will be a success in El Salvador, boosting remittances, industry and gains from remuneration. Per capita GDP is likely to double over the next decade as remittances, the energy sector and tourism all grow.El Salvador made waves in...

Jul 04 2021

Bitcoin And The American Idea

Has America strayed from its founding ideals? An activist and a refugee think Bitcoin can help it get back on track.Today, Americans celebrate 245 years of independence from the British Empire.On this day in 1776, our Founding Fathers declared:“We … the Representatives of the united States of America … in the Name, and by Authority of the good People...

Jul 01 2021

Bitcoin Is Absurd, Part I: Volcano Mining And The Banana Republic

Jul 01 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history ideas philosophy

A philosophical dive into how truly absurd the slow but sure monetary takeover bitcoin has been experiencing is.Barely more than two weeks ago I listened live along with more than 20,000 others to President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador and his brother/campaign manager Karim discuss their country’s decision to officially make...

Jun 29 2021

Bitcoin Blowback: A History Of Dollar Hegemony, Economic Warfare And A Bright Orange Alternative

This essay addresses a history of dollar domination fabricated by the war machine that is the United States.AbstractThe United States dollar dominates world commerce. In 2019, it made up 88% of global trade, and no other currencies came close. This dominance gave the United States power over any other country that exports anything from anywhere. For example, due to the mechanics...

Jun 25 2021

Ten Rules To Be A True Bitcoiner From The Stoics

Jun 25 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history philosophy

These actions and decisions encourage the low time preference necessary to continually accumulate bitcoin.I am a Bitcoiner who tries to share with the rest of the world the importance that Bitcoin will have in the future by writing articles about its revolution every day. In addition to my activities to share the good word about Bitcoin, I have a strong interest in...

Jun 16 2021

Bitcoinist Book Club: “The Bitcoin Standard” (Chapter 4, Part 2: Government Money)

Welcome back, book lovers! Before we dive into government money, what have we learned so far? Well, that history is extremely hard to summarize, for one. Secondly, historically, governments haven’t been able to resist the temptation to debase the currency. Third, devaluation leads to breakdowns in society and the fall of empires, but the process is a very slow death. It can take...

Jun 15 2021

Plebs Versus Patricians In Ancient Rome — What Can Bitcoiners Learn?

Jun 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  cultural culture history plebs

The ancient lower class struggled against the ruling patricians, much as bitcoiners struggle against modern monoliths today.In this memo, I look into the original plebs — the plebeian class of ancient Rome. The bitcoin plebs are the solid core of the community, and the bitcoin rabbit hole has encouraged all of us to read history with fresh eyes. So I became curious...

Jun 14 2021

Bitcoin Versus The Great Financial Bubbles Of The Past

The previous crises are actually quite different from what we are currently experiencing if we examine history.In times of extreme fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), Bitcoiners need FUD-busting.In 1710, almost a decade before the South Sea Bubble in England and the Mississippi Bubble in France, the essayist and author...

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