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Jun 09 2022

How Bitcoin Found Its Purpose At Oslo Freedom Forum

At this year’s Oslo Freedom Forum, we learned why the monetary system enabled by Bitcoin is so important.This is an opinion editorial by Josef Tětek, the Trezor brand ambassador for SatoshiLabs.At this year’s Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), a financial freedom content track gave freedom fighters from around the world the...

Jun 07 2022

Human Rights Leaders Pen Letter To US Congress For Responsible Bitcoin Legislation

The letter aims to enlighten the U.S. Congress on the global importance of Bitcoin as a tool for personal and financial freedom as regulators seek legislation.20 human rights leaders from 20 countries penned an open letter to the U.S Congress to ask for responsible bitcoin legislation.The letter was in part a response to an anti-crypto letter recently sent to Congress that...

May 27 2022

The Oslo Freedom Forum Asks, Is Bitcoin Compatible With Democracy?

During the Oslo Freedom Forum, four international human rights activists considered Bitcoin’s role in enabling democracy.This year’s Oslo Freedom Forum, a human rights conference organized by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), took place from May 23 to May 25, 2022. It's a yearly conference...

Apr 18 2022

In The War Of Ideas, Bitcoin Is Our Strongest Weapon

In a world of collective identitarian movements, Bitcoin is perhaps the clearest embodiment of the liberal ideal of individual sovereignty.Natalie Smolenski is a senior advisor at the Bitcoin Policy Institute and executive director of the Texas Bitcoin FoundationRussia’s invasion of Ukraine took most of the world by surprise; it should not have. It is the logical and material result of a...

Apr 07 2022

How Does Bitcoin Enable Freedom? Yeonmi Park Joins Nabourema And Elsalameen To Answer

Yeonmi Park, Nabourema and Elsalameen discussed how Bitcoin can empower and bring freedom to people living under authoritarian states at Bitcoin 2022.Why do people say that Bitcoin is freedom? The expression, widely used to represent Bitcoin’s capability to bring power to those oppressed by their governments or communities, has become a cliché that many just parrot talk and don’t stop to think...

Mar 18 2022

Bitcoin Can Be The Foundation Of Human Rights

The bad guys can’t stop Bitcoin, but Bitcoin can stop the bad guys.Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution. 60 years ago, it was not Syrians, Afghans,...

Jan 04 2022

In 2021, Alex Gladstein Helped Us Explore Bitcoin’s Moral Imperative

Alex Gladstein’s contributions to Bitcoin Magazine last year helped us all understand the human rights implications of adopting Bitcoin.Perhaps no contributor to Bitcoin Magazine has explored the moral and ethical imperative of Bitcoin more extensively than Alex Gladstein. Gladstein is the chief strategy officer at the...

Sep 16 2021

The Village And The Strongman: The Unlikely Story Of Bitcoin And El Salvador

Tracing Bitcoin’s journey in El Salvador, from new hope in a small village to a new law by an increasingly authoritarian government.I. As Fast As LightningI was standing in a small coffee shop just off of an unpaved street, in a Central American village with no traffic lights, an hour’s drive west on curvy jungle roads from the nearest major city....

Aug 26 2021

Finding Financial Freedom In Afghanistan

A pioneering female CEO has been promoting Bitcoin in Afghanistan since 2013 and sees it needed in her home country now more than ever.Roya Mahboob — the first female Afghan tech CEO, one of TIME’s most influential people in the world and one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce Bitcoin...

Aug 11 2021

Inside Cuba’s Bitcoin Revolution

As political demonstrations show the world that Cubans are tired of dictatorship, Bitcoin is providing an option to peacefully protest and opt out of a broken system.Lucia is a 30-year-old medical worker and Bitcoin user living in Matanzas, a city of about 150,000 people sitting about 50 miles east of Havana on Cuba’s northern coast. Named after an aboriginal rebellion against Spanish...

Jul 22 2021

Can Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency Of Freedom?

Bitcoin gives Palestinians a powerful avenue for peaceful protest, and the opportunity to find sovereignty among oppressive economic policies.One day last week I spoke to a Bitcoin user inside the Gaza Strip.He asked to remain anonymous and go by the name Uqab — the Arabic word for “eagle” — as he took a large personal risk to talk to me.We...

Jun 23 2021

Fighting Monetary Colonialism With Open-Source Code

France still uses monetary colonialism to exploit 15 African nations. Could Bitcoin be a way out?In the fall of 1993, Fodé Diop’s family was saving up for his future. A brilliant 18-year-old living in Senegal, Fodé had a bright path in front of him as a basketball player and an engineer. His father, a school teacher, had helped him find inspiration in...

Jun 07 2021

Bitcoin is The Only Way Out: The Jack Dorsey Interview

Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discussed the global adoption of Bitcoin at length with Human Rights Foundation’s Alex Gladstein.On Friday, June 4, at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, I had the opportunity to interview Square and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the global adoption of Bitcoin and the future of money and social media. Here’s an edited transcript of our conversation.Alex...

Dec 08 2020

Bitcoin Dissidents: Those Who Need It Most

The global pandemic and interwoven political and economic crises became fertile ground for Bitcoin to become a tool for human rights.

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