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Mar 29 2021

What Happens When Walmart Buys $1 Billion Of Bitcoin?

Though no purchase has been announced, Walmart’s inevitable allocation to bitcoin will jump start a ripple of hyperbitcoinization.Let me make this clear: Walmart has not announced a purchase of $1 billion worth of bitcoin. But it will and let me tell you what's going to happen when it does....

Mar 23 2021

Bitcoin's Hierarchy Of Needs

We can apply Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to Bitcoin to find out what needs it must obtain and maintain to succeed.In order for Bitcoin to achieve hyperbitcoinization, it has to fulfill certain network and monetary needs. Without obtaining and, more importantly, maintaining these needs, Bitcoin can not succeed. If Bitcoin can obtain and maintain these needs, then there is nothing that can...

Bitcoin’s Success Depends On Faith

Mar 23 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture hyperbitcoinization

Faith sustains the price of bitcoin in the same way it sustains the price of other asset classes.As Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin, BNY Mellon expands custodial services to include bitcoin and...

Mar 19 2021

Dear 20-Somethings, Bitcoin Is Sound Money

Mar 19 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture hyperbitcoinization

An open letter to a generation entering the workforce with the chance to own the scarcest and best-performing asset of all time: bitcoin.It is not the objective of this article to explain the Bitcoin protocol nor to...

Mar 17 2021

Bitcoin: A Cult Phenomenon

Mar 17 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture hyperbitcoinization

Though the term “cult” has a negative connotation, adherence to the Bitcoin ideology is about changing the world for the better.According to Tim Draper, an American venture capital investor, Netflix will be the next Fortune 100 company to buy bitcoin. Moreover, the billionaire believes that it’s only a...

Mar 15 2021

When You Run The Numbers, Bitcoin Will Compress Quadrillions Of Dollars In Monetary Energy

Mar 15 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  halving hyperbitcoinization markets

When you run the numbers, it’s clear that quadrillions of dollars will be compressed into 21 million bitcoin. What comes next, nobody knows.The Bitcoin black hole has absorbed $1 trillion of monetary energy in only 12 years. As the legacy financial system nears the event horizon, BTC's gravitational pull grows stronger. Quadrillions of dollars of monetary energy will soon be compressed into...

Mar 11 2021

How Bitcoin Can Solve A Global Economic Conundrum

If bitcoin can fulfill economic demand for savings, it will free people from the problems with government-issued safe haven assets.For decades, the velocity of money, which is a measure of the times that a unit of currency is spent, has fallen due to what some economists have termed the “safe asset shortage.” This has occurred for a variety of reasons, including aging...

Mar 06 2021

Valuing Companies Post-Hyperbitcoinization

Mar 06 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  hyperbitcoinization markets

How will companies be valued once bitcoin is universally used as a unit of account and measuring stick of worth?Bitcoin will fundamentally change the way that investors value companies.Upgrading monetary technologies is a radical paradigm shift that will leave many financial “experts” confused. Our current monetary system, the U.S. dollar, is based entirely on an ever-growing mountain of debt. In contrast,...

Mar 05 2021

In Life And In Bitcoin, Organization Makes A Winner

Bitcoiners organize themselves to their most organic state with a level of freedom that could only have been dreamt of until now."How do you think the Romans kicked everyone's ass, for nearly a thousand years?" -Michael Saylor, “The Saylor Series” Episode FiveBitcoin shall experience an organizational renaissance...

Feb 11 2021

Acknowledging BTC Sovereignty, Nigeria Becomes Bellwether For Hyperbitcoinization

Today, the Senate of Nigeria —which has similar legislative powers to the U.S. Senate — shared notes from its daily proceedings. Among the presentations of bills and reports was discussion of a recent reminder from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) that financial institutions are prohibited from facilitating any accounts transacting with cryptocurrency exchanges. During that discussion, a Nigerian official made a...

Feb 09 2021

How Bitcoin Optimizes Human Resourcefulness

Feb 09 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  deflationary hyperbitcoinization

Curiously enough, the structures that humanity relies upon have been upended by humanity itself. The monetary system, much of our social fabric and our relationship with the State at large have been fractured by problematic abuse. And yet, Bitcoin promises something different through the various ways in which it optimizes human resourcefulness. By eliminating inflation, the work necessary to maintain standards of living...

Feb 08 2021

Asset DNA: Explaining Bitcoin’s Speculative Attack On The Dollar

Performance Of Various Asset Types Over Time Not all assets are created equal. Some appreciate in value, some lose value over time. This is obvious with things we consume, like the groceries we eat or the clothes we wear. But the same is true of assets that don’t visibly deplete but nevertheless lose value over time through wear and tear, like a car...

Feb 05 2021

Bitcoin: A Hedge Against The Dystopian Present

Feb 05 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  dystopia hyperbitcoinization

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, when asked about the potential of Bitcoin, Kenneth Rogoff, an economist and Harvard faculty member, conceded that the cryptocurrency has a future…. but only if the future is “dystopian” in nature. But what if the dystopian future is already here? Without wishing to engage in linguistic inflation, let us start off by defining the term “dystopia.”...

Feb 04 2021

A World To Come

“Cryptoanarchy.” It’s not a new term, but it has sincerely evolved throughout the years as the advancement of the sovereign, personal reserve currency started taking over the financial system and began attracting more and more investment capital from large institutions. However, the term will eventually be hijacked as the sovereign individuals arise due to the powers granted them by their monetary reserve. Eventually,...

Jan 20 2021

The Second Order Effects Of Bitcoin: Digitization, Decentralization And Deflation

With digitized money and a deflationary economy, Bitcoin will usher in second order effects that will reshape the nature of societies. The post The Second Order Effects Of Bitcoin: Digitization, Decentralization And Deflation appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Jan 05 2021

BIP 2021: Bitcoin’s Path Toward Reserve Currency Status Is Set

2020 was unforgettable, especially for Bitcoin. To help memorialize this year for our readers, we asked our network of contributors to reflect on Bitcoin’s price action, technological development, community growth and more in 2020, and to reflect on what all of this might mean for 2021. These writers responded with a collection of thoughtful and thought-provoking articles. Click here...

Dec 15 2020

Dec 01 2020

You Don’t Have To Worry About Bitcoin’s Reliance On Utilities

Imagine what life would be like if there were no electricity or communications networks available. How many days of food do you have at your house? How much cash do you have on hand? Can you go out to try to buy up what’s left at the stores that still have their doors open? What else would you be worried about? What would...

Nov 18 2020

New Zealand’s Past, Pūtea and Future: CBDC Vs. Bitcoin

New Zealand’s Māori haven’t held economic sovereignty in the past or today. But does Bitcoin offer a chance to change the future? The post New Zealand’s Past, Pūtea and Future: CBDC Vs. Bitcoin appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

Nov 10 2020

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