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Sep 05 2022

Analyst Warns Of The Elimination Of The Middle Class; Can Bitcoin Help?

Sep 05 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc btcusd economy inflation

The economic situation of the United States has been getting worse in recent times, recording inflation rates that have not been seen in 40 years. Given this, the Fed obviously have their work cut out for them, and they have reportedly begun taking measures against this. Fed Chair Jerome Powell had made a speech a little over a week ago where he had...

Aug 23 2022

Here’s How Many Wallets Is Needed For Bitcoin To Be An Inflation Hedge

One of bitcoin’s main selling points has been the fact that its return has often put it ahead of the inflation rate. Due to this, it has gained notoriety as the “digital gold” as a good portion of the community put forward that the digital asset is a better inflation hedge than any asset. However, not every single proponent of bitcoin believes that...

“BTC Not Mature Enough To Act as Inflation Hedge” – Scaramucci

Bitcoin (BTC) is gradually losing the confidence of investors as a potent...

Dec 02 2021

New Study Says Ethereum May Become A Better Inflation Hedge Over Bitcoin

Dec 02 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin btc eth ethereum inflation

The argument for Bitcoin as an effective hedge for inflation has been a long one in the making and so far, the digital asset has not failed those who have a stake in it. Bitcoin’s returns over the past couple of years have been far greater than the rate of inflation, which currently sits at over 6% and is predicted to grow even...

Oct 21 2021

JP Morgan Claims This is the True Catalyst For Ongoing Bitcoin ($BTC) Price Surge

Bitcoin ($BTC) price recorded a new all-time-high near $67K yesterday, taking Bitcoin's market cap to $1.25 trillion. The bullish price surge was largely attributed to the record-breaking ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF ($BITO) debut. However, JP Morgan strategists believe otherwise. According to a report by Bloomberg, JP Morgan strategists see growing inflation as the key catalyst The post JP Morgan Claims This is the...

Nov 21 2020

Largest Crypto Fund Manager Says Clients See Bitcoin as Inflation Hedge

Nov 21 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bull bitcoin news btcbusd btceur btcjpy

Bitcoin's ongoing price rally is nearing its all-time high, making it the center of attention just like 2017 where most of the mainstream media houses have started to take note of the king...

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