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Apr 13 2021

Bitcoin Price Breaches $61,000 Ahead of Key Inflation Figures; What’s Next?

Key Bitcoin Price Outlook The bitcoin price briefly surged above $61,000 on Tuesday. The climb surfaced as a part of an upside weekly session, as traders' appetite for safe-havens surged ahead of key US inflation data. Technically, the cryptocurrency shied away from confirming a price breakout to the upside. Bitcoin rallied above $61,000 on Tuesday. The flagship cryptocurrency's upside move was brief...

Apr 12 2021

Bitcoin As A Pressure Release Valve

Apr 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture foreign currency inflation

As currencies inflate in value, Bitcoin serves as a pressure relief valve, allowing capital to escape.As small-cap currencies inflate, Bitcoin gains adoption.Bitcoin is the first fully sovereign digital currency. This means that anyone in the world with an internet connection and a computer can download the protocol and start running it. Maybe they want to invest in the technology, maybe they...

Bitcoin Weekly Outlook: Breakout Over $60K Expected on Coinbase Listing

Key Bitcoin Takeaways Bitcoin flirts with $60,000 for a breakout move. The cryptocurrency is trending inside a classically bullish 'Ascending Triangle' pattern. Coinbase's listing on Nasdaq, US inflation data update this week promises further upside. Bitcoin has...

Apr 05 2021

Bitcoin Weekly Outlook: Milder Swings Expected Around FOMC Minutes

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is paring a portion of its recent gains entering the new weekly session, trading just a little over $57,000 after breaching $60,000 last week....

Apr 01 2021

Bitcoin Price Doubles in Institutionally-Driven First Quarter; What’s in Q2?

Bitcoin went into an upside mania in the first quarter of the year. The flagship cryptocurrency surged by roughly 102 percent as investors showed no fears of risk-taking. On the contrary, they embraced it as interest rates on government bonds rose but remained near their historically low levels. New rounds of government stimulus packages further pushed investors to risky corners of the market,...

Mar 31 2021

Why Chamath Is Wrong About Inflation

Recent comments from Chamath Palihapitiya indicate that he doesn’t understand how inflation or monetary sovereignty really work.While billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya has been an early, vocal proponent of Bitcoin for nearly a decade now, his grasp of Bitcoin's ethos seems to be fraying. Setting aside his recent snafu with Bitcoin veteran and...

Mar 29 2021

Boom for Bitcoin as Wall Street Veteran Blasts Powell over Inflation Risks

Bitcoin could continue playing its global safe-haven hedge role as a Wall Street veteran blasts off Jerome Powell and his pro-inflation policies in his latest opinion editorial. The benchmark cryptocurrency could rise as Andrew Parlin, founder/chief investment officer at Washington Peak Investment Advisors in New Jersey,...

Feb 27 2021

Why Won’t Bitcoin Die? Because You Need It

“Why won’t bitcoin die?” is a common question I’ve heard asked throughout the years by people sitting on the sidelines watching the bitcoin price hectically rise and fall, time and time again. The mainstream media will tell you that bitcoin is a speculative bubble, your financial advisor will tell you that you’re wasting your time by investing in it, your friends and family...

Why Won’t Bitcoin Die? Because You Need It

Bitcoin is not a speculative bubble fueled by degenerate gamblers. It’s capital flight from collapsing fiat currencies.“Why won’t bitcoin die?” is a common question I’ve heard asked throughout the...

Jan 29 2021

What’s Next For Bitcoin In An Era Of “Helicopter Money,” Negative Interest And Big Debt?

Searching For The Roots Of Bitcoin’s Narrative If we are to understand bitcoin’s meteoric rise, we must return to 2008. After all, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is a child of the global financial crisis (GFC). Once Lehman Brothers went into bankruptcy, many banks and financial institutions across the globe followed. Governments all over the world soon...

Jan 28 2021

Bitcoin and Inflation: Everything You Need to Know

The cryptocurrency was designed to counter the harms of inflation, but is this really such a big issue?

Jan 27 2021

Fed Chair Powell: ‘We’d Welcome Higher Inflation’

The central bank doesn’t want to pull back asset purchases just yet, Powell said Wednesday.

Jan 26 2021

How Bitcoiners Should Watch the US Federal Reserve Meeting on Wednesday

Comments from Fed chair Jerome Powell could tell bitcoiners how committed the central bank is to staying the course on low interest rates through the rest of the year.

Bitcoin Is Going to Replace Fiat Currency | Here’s How It Will Be Possible

For quite a long time period it was a common practice among some investors considered to invest some of their holdings in gold or other valuable commodities. It is right to some extent as gold is a good option to save your portfolios from inflation and stock market drops. And what is an interesting thing to notice is that the same idea is...

Jan 25 2021

Bitcoin Searches in Argentina Spikes Significantly as Annual Inflation Rates Crosses 40%

Jan 25 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  argentina bitcoin bitcoin news btcbrl btcbusd

Bitcoin searches have seen an unprecedented rise in Argentina when compared to the rest of the world, and many believe the reason could be its annual inflation rate which is currently about 40%. People from financially troubled...

Jan 20 2021

The Relationship Between US Government Debt and Bitcoin, Explained

Bitcoiners are looking for persistent USD inflation to validate their favorite asset. That’s unlikely to happen soon, economists say, but low interest rates are still a boon for BTC.

Jan 17 2021

Crypto Long & Short: No, Bitcoin Is Not in a Bubble

Commentators and analysts who say bitcoin is in a “bubble” show they don’t understand what the term means.

Jan 09 2021

Morgan Stanley’s $500 Million Microstrategy Bet a “No-Brainer,” According to Expert

Morgan Stanley's approximately $500 million investment in Microstrategy Inc. may come as a surprise to many. Not veteran investor Ben Miller, however. That's because betting on the firm in its current form is also a bet on Bitcoin. Buy MSTR, Buy Bitcoin Microstrategy Inc. was one of the...

Jan 08 2021

BRRR: Biden Readies a New $3T Stimulus Package

Jan 08 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin inflation joe biden podcasts stimulus

What a new package including more direct payouts to citizens plus big infrastructure spending mean for bitcoin and markets as a whole.

Why Joe Biden’s $3T Stimulus Package Could Add Fuel to Bitcoin’s Rally

After Joe Biden's inauguration on Jan. 20, an expected raft of new stimulus measures may further boost bitcoin's rally, say analysts.

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