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Nov 17 2021

Why Institutional Accumulation Can Enhance Bitcoin’s Long-Term Resilience

Institutional bitcoin HODLing may seem antithetical to decentralization and greater inclusivity, but it could be the harbinger of better digital asset security.Distributed ledger technology has only scratched the surface of its potential, and bitcoin is in many ways bringing these possibilities into the limelight, so much so that it has sparked unprecedented global adoption.Moreover, the growing...

Nov 15 2021

Nov 04 2021

Institutional investments into cryptos like Solana, Cardano, and Bitcoin is already 30% higher than 2020

Crypto adoption and growth has continued at pace in 2021 as the amount institutional investors have invested in the industry this year is already 30% higher than the amount they invested in the whole of 2020. This was revealed by a report released by popular digital asset manager CoinShares. Bitcoin remains...

Oct 13 2021

Institutional Investors Remain Bullish On Bitcoin As Market Records Eight Weeks Of Inflows

Oct 13 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin bitcoin inflows btc btcusd btcusdt

Institutional inflows in the market have not slowed down. Presumably, the recent rounds of inflows have something to do with the recovering market prices. Retail investors are also buying into the market. But with a $1 trillion market cap, real movements in the market can only come from big money FOMOing into the market. Bitcoin, as well as altcoins, are having a good...

Sep 28 2021

Survey Shows 62% of Institutional Investors are set to Dive into Crypto. Here’s Why

After sitting on the sidelines for more than a decade, a recent survey has revealed a new crop of institutional investors ready to go all out on cryptocurrencies. The research, according to Nickel Digital Asset Management (Nickel), a European investment manager dedicated to the digital assets market, draws participation from institutional investors and wealth managers The post Survey Shows 62% of Institutional Investors...

Sep 17 2021

Fidelity Survey: 52% Of Institutional Investors Hold Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency

Fidelity's study found an increased appetite for bitcoin exposure across institutional investors but still lacking understanding.Fidelity Digital Assets published the 2021 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study that tracked institutional investor's behavior in the face of the...

Sep 13 2021

Aug 29 2021

Institutional Investors Not Slowing Down On Bitcoin, Here’s How Much They Own

Bitcoin investment by institutions is now a common occurrence. This was not so in the previous years. Institutional investors have been investing in cryptos for a while. But mostly at a conversation rate. 2020 changed all of that. The bull that started in 2020 saw more institutional money coming into the market. Predictions pointed towards continuous growth. And institutions did not want to...

Jul 14 2021

Jul 12 2021

Jul 06 2021

Jun 20 2021

Institutional Money: Bitcoin and Ethereum Are On The Move

According to digital asset investment firm, CoinShares, Bitcoin and Ethereum had outflows while Cardano, and Stellar had inflow last week. Reports published each week by the CoinShares Digital Asset Fund show the current sentiment of institutional investors. The last report shows one interesting situation. Bitcoin and Ethereum have a...

Jun 18 2021

Jun 09 2021

Jun 02 2021

Apr 30 2021

Apr 28 2021

Apr 27 2021

Apr 16 2021

Rothschild Investment Adds Ethereum, Surpassing Bitcoin Holdings

According to a recent filing with the SEC, the Chicago-based Rothschild Investment has made a substantial investment in Ethereum. Rothschild Investment Doubles Down on Ethereum The firm purchased 265,302 shares of...

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