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Mar 02 2022

Bitcoin Layer 3: What Is The Impervious Browser? When Can We Expect It?

The Impervious browser is upon us. The company will launch its most ambitious product at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, on April 7th. What is it, though? And, while you’re at it, what does Impervious do? Well, the company builds “tools and infrastructure for the P2P internet.” That is, without centralized intermediaries. Related Reading |...

Nov 01 2021

Online Censorship Problems & The Promise of Decentralized Content Distribution

The Internet’s innate resilience to centralized information monopolies became evident in the mid-to-late 2000s as the failure of the merged conglomerate TimeWarner and AOL proved. Primarily due to the data-agnostic design of the Internet’s core protocols, its radicalism established that it was not so easily prone to walled gardens and centralization as traditional information mediums. [...] The post Online Censorship Problems & The...

Aug 03 2021

Web3.Storage: Protocol Labs launches new interface to simplify Filecoin developer experience

Protocol Labs, an open-source R&D lab that builds protocols, tools, and services including Filecoin and IPFS, today announced the launch of Web3.Storage. Data saved through Web3.Storage is accessible via the IPFS network; allowing anyone to access this data using open and public...

May 12 2021

Wolfram Blockchain Labs enhances DLT platform with storage networks IPFS and Filecoin

CryptoNinjas » Wolfram Blockchain Labs enhances DLT platform with storage networks IPFS and Filecoin Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL), a provider of distributed ledger technology (DLT) ecosystems with the tools necessary to assist in the development of...

Apr 29 2021

Built on Filecoin and IPFS, NFT.Storage offers free protection for NFT asset data

CryptoNinjas » Built on Filecoin and IPFS, NFT.Storage offers free protection for NFT asset data NFT.Storage, a service specifically created for storing NFT data and backed by Protocol Labs and Pinat, has announced its launch. NFT.Storage allows...

Feb 03 2021

NFT Top-level Domain Sold for $84000

Feb 03 2021 Published at Blockonomi under tags  domain name ipfs nfts tech technology

Jehan Chu has purchased the top-level Handshake domain name “.nft” for a record-breaking $84,000 as the popularity of decentralized web services continues to grow. The transaction was facilitated by Namebase, a platform that offers domain registration services for Handshake. The Handshake Network is an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system that allows the decentralization of the [...] The post NFT Top-level Domain Sold for...

Jan 19 2021

Brave integrates IPFS to enable users to browse the decentralized web

Jan 19 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  ipfs strategic integration

IPFS, a peer-to-peer protocol designed to make the Web faster, safer, and more open, has integrated into Brave, a privacy-oriented browser, reinventing the Web for users, publishers, and advertisers. Incorporated into today's Brave desktop browser update (...

Brave Becomes First Browser to Offer Native IPFS Integration

Jan 19 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  brave decentralized web ipfs tech

IPFS integration gives Brave users easier access to the protocol while improving the overall resilience of the internet.

Jan 13 2021

Cloudflare Unveils Gateway to Distributed Web With ENS, IPFS Integration

Jan 13 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  cloudflare ens ipfs tech

Internet hosting giant Cloudflare has unveiled a new connection to the "uncensorable" web.

Oct 16 2020

Finally! Filecoin Mainnet Goes Live

Filecoin, think it as the Dropbox of blockchain announced its mainnet launch on October 15. The investors who participated in the $257m Filecoin ICO three years back are now sitting at the edge of their chairs to see how it performs. According to the official announcement, the mainnet went live at the block height of 148,888. So far, the network is stable but...

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