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Aug 27 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Can Bitcoin reach 60K again? Maybe, read on.

Bitcoin managed to gain massive momentum recently. In fact, it looks like it's on its way back to its previous all-time high of 65K. On the other hand, many skeptics are still finding it hard to witness such a high price for something that "doesn't exist" in the...

Jul 29 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – BTC Breached 40K! Will it climb to 50K next?

This week was an exciting one for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Prices soared more than 25% after an extended bearish trend. Many traders already predicted this move, as prices were hitting a strong support area for most cryptocurrencies. For Bitcoin, prices...

Jul 25 2021

Bitcoin is at a Critical Price! Will it SOAR UP or SINK LOW?

The previous market crash wiped more than USD 1 Trillion in the crypto market capitalization. Despite this heavy crash, traders and investors simply swapped their cryptos for stablecoins. This was done in hopes of getting back in action once things...

Apr 05 2021

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Is BITCOIN a good investment in 2021?

Bitcoin has been making headlines for an extended time. Contrary to events from 2017 when prices dipped heavily after reaching a milestone, this time BTC prices seem to have matured. For now, many analysts throw Bitcoin Price...

Mar 09 2021

Bitcoin Price is shooting High! Is Bitcoin Back on Track to 60K?

After an extended consolidation of around 40k, Bitcoin soared back up above the 50k price mark. The whole cryptocurrency market moved alongside Bitcoin and was also up for the day. Is Bitcoin back on track to 60k?...

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