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Sep 22 2022

Daily Briefing: “Decentralized Ponzi Schemes”

Sep 22 2022 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  bitcoin jamie dimon

Dimon described Bitcoin and other crypto tokens as decentralized Ponzi schemes, but he was more positive about DeFi and smart contracts. Dimon Slams Bitcoin Yesterday, the crypto space was treated...

JPMorgan Chief Continues With His Crypto Rant, Backs Stablecoins

During congressional testimony on Wednesday, September 21, JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon once again made a sharp attack on digital assets. “I’m a major skeptic on crypto tokens, which you call currency, like Bitcoin. They are decentralized Ponzi schemes," he added. This is not the first time that Jamie Dimon has... Read more

Aug 19 2022

Jamie Dimon’s Warning About Economic Projections

Jamie Dimon’s leaked comments with predictions for the global economy and geopolitics paint a bleak picture about the state of the economy at large.Watch This Episode On YouTube Or...

Jun 06 2022

JP Morgan CEO Says More Pain Ahead For Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano Investors

Jun 06 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  ada adausd bitcoin btc btcusd

The decline of the crypto market has been expected, especially for top digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. The fall has hit the market hard, especially with the collapse of one of the leading DeFi protocols, the Terra network. However, JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, believes that it is only beginning. Despite the market is more than 50% down from its...

Has JPMorgan Become Bitcoin’s Best Friend?

A recent note from JPMorgan Chase suggested the bank realizes that bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. But what do the rent seekers really think?There was a lot of fanfare made recently over an investment note from JPMorgan Chase which seemed to elevate bitcoin over real estate and other traditional asset classes as the...

Oct 12 2021

The Timeline of JPMorgan’s CEO Hating on Bitcoin

Oct 12 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  bitcoin cbdcs crypto defi ethereum

October 12, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits...

Oct 05 2021

Jamie Dimon Given Bitcoin Soap Box Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jamie Dimon has once again been presented with an opportunity to denigrate Bitcoin Axios asked a leading question on the cryptocurrency during an interview in a clear desire to get a soundbite The only reason people like Dimon are asked about...

Oct 04 2021

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says Bitcoin Is Fool's Gold, Here's Why He's Wrong

Dimon's recent remarks demonstrated a high degree of economic privilege and complete oblivion to Bitcoin.JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon reiterated past skepticism of bitcoin in a recent interview with Axios. When asked if Bitcoin was the fool's gold of the future, Dimon responded it has no underlying value....

Sep 27 2021

JPMorgan CEO Says He Does Not “Care About Bitcoin” Despite Seeing This Upside for the Cryptocurrency

Sep 27 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin bitcoin news jamie dimon jpmorgan

Jamie Dimon, the iconic financial mogul and Chief Executive Officer of multinational investment banking firm JPMorgan Chase recently shared his opinion about the volatile cryptocurrency industry and its flagship asset, Bitcoin (BTC). Speaking in an interview with Times of India (TOI), Dimon said he does not really “care about bitcoin” when asked his take on The post JPMorgan CEO Says He Does Not...

Bitcoin Price Could 10x, But JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Care

Sep 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin culture jamie dimon jpmorgan

In a new interview JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon continued his history of criticism against Bitcoin, saying “I think if you borrow money to buy Bitcoin, you’re a fool.”In a new interview with the Times of India, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon continued his...

Sep 17 2021

What Does Jamie Dimon Really Think of Blockchain?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan CEO, has never been a fan of Bitcoin Dimon has though had some good things to say about blockchain What are Dimon’s past comments on the two and have they changed? Jamie Dimon is not, it’s fair to say, a Bitcoin fan....

May 31 2021

a16z Eyeing a $2B Bet on Crypto

May 31, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits ✍️✍️✍️ Circle announced a $440...

May 24 2021

Dec 15 2020

JPMorgan’s Sudden Bitcoin Bullishness is Concerning

Reading Time: 3 minutes JPMorgan has changed its opinion on Bitcoin so quickly this year that it must have whiplash Its has released numerous bullish reports on Bitcoin’s use case after years of denigrating it Could the sea change be a case of positive manipulation...

Nov 19 2020

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says Bitcoin Isn’t His Cup of Tea

Bitcoin Is Still Not Jamie Dimon's Thing Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, is still not convinced of Bitcoin. He said in a recent speech/presentation at the New York Times' Dealbook Online Summit that Bitcoin is still not his "cup of tea," adding that he doesn't want the media or anyone else to get up in a fuss over this....

Nov 18 2020

‘Not My Cup of Tea’: Jamie Dimon Is Still Not a Bitcoin Fan

Nov 18 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  jamie dimon jpmorgan news

The JPMorgan Chase CEO said its only a matter of time before the government moves to regulate bitcoin.

Nov 09 2020

Institutional Bitcoin Buying Outpacing Gold ETFs – JPMorgan

Reading Time: 2 minutes A new JPMorgan report has found that institutional Bitcoin buying has rapidly outpaced gold ETF purchases this year The bank says that this represents a changing attitude on Bitcoin by accredited investors JPMorgan has been more bullish on...

Oct 26 2020

JPMorgan Analysts Go Against CEO Jamie Dimon on Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes A JPMorgan investor note has proclaimed Bitcoin’s “considerable” long term upside The note added that Bitcoin could “compete more intensely” with gold The bank’s view is at odds with those of its CEO Jamie Dimon who says Bitcoin is a scam...

Sep 30 2020

Why JP Morgan Getting Fined $1bn For Market Manipulation is Good For Bitcoin

Sep 30 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  bitcoin news cftc fraud jamie dimon jp morgan

U.S. banking giant JP Morgan Chase agreed to pay fines of almost a billion dollars after acknowledging offenses regarding commodity market manipulation investigations. On Sept. 29, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) concluded what has been the largest-ever settlement imposed by the derivatives regulator according to Reuters. The bank has been engaged in a pattern The post Why JP Morgan Getting Fined $1bn...

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