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Sep 14 2022

Why This Crypto Billionaire Has Entered The Race To Build Space Habitats

From cryptocurrency to space. That's how technology evolves these days. And this billionaire is surely not just taking a shot at the moon. The co-founder of Ripple is currently recruiting a team of engineers and business executives to explore an entirely new sector of space. Jed McCaleb, a pioneer in crypto and blockchain technology and the current CTO and co-founder of Stellar, has...

Jul 19 2022

Ripple Takes A Dig On Jed McCaleb XRP Sell Off

Jul 19 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news jed mccaleb news xrp token

Jed McCaleb, former CTO of Ripple’s XRP selling spree finally came to an end. Meanwhile, the blockchain firm shed light on this event. However, Ripple called McCaleb an Accidental Billionaire. Ripple made McCaleb an "accidental billionaire" In a blog, Ripple mentioned that Ex CTO owned around 9 billion XRP tokens back in 2012 when the...

Jul 16 2022

Former Ripple CTO Stops Dumping XRP, Is A Bull Run Near?

Jul 16 2022 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news altcoins hodl jed mccaleb news

XRP Ledger co-creator and Stellar founder Jed McCaleb, made it known in a Zoom call with CTC News reporters on Friday, that he won't be selling his last 5 million XRP, he explained that the remaining tokens would be some form of security for his family. End of an eight-year dumping spree In what seemed...

Jul 12 2022

Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb to finish selling XRP holdings by July 16

Ripple Co-founder Jed McCaleb will sell out his XRP holdings this week, according to a tweet from the founder of XRPArcade, Leonidas, on July 10. McCaleb would be selling 4.215 million units of XRP per day this week. He would finish selling the remaining 22.16 million XRP on July 16....

Jun 30 2022

Ripple’s Former CTO Dumps 100 Million XRP In June Alone

Co-creator of Ripple network and first Chief Technology Officer, Jed McCaleb will soon exhaust his XRP stash per U.today. He has just 81.5 million XRP off of the original 9 billion XRP stake today on tacostand. More than 100 million XRP dumped into the market this month by McCaleb In 2014, McCaleb threatened on XRPtalk.org...

Sep 30 2020

Ripple Employees Hodling XRP Can Claim Spark Tokens Except Jed McCaleb

Quick take: The XRP community had noted Ripple CTO, David Schwartz, had activated his wallet address for the Flare Network snapshot and were curious about his eligibility for the event Mr. Schwartz responded by explaining he too was not sure he was eligible He did it to show support for the Flare Networks event and that it was safe Flare Networks clarified that...

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