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Sep 16 2022

Crypto Reacts: Was The Ethereum Merge a Success Or A Mess?

For better or worse, we live in a post-Merge world. Ethereum is finally a Proof-Of-Stake blockchain. The switch is among the most important and divisive news of the year. The Ethereum side sees it as a technological wonder and the bitcoin side as a great mistake. For the first time since we started the Crypto Reacts feature, both camps are at totally opposite...

Dec 02 2021

Discussing Bitcoin Businesses And Bitcoin Entrepreneurship

Two Bitcoin experts speak about their experiences building Bitcoin related companies.Watch This Episode on YouTubeWatch/Listen To This Episode:...

Nov 17 2021

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Strikes New All-Time High: Factors

The rise of The Lightning Network is one of the most important stories of the year. On its back, El Salvador could adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. Bitcoin Beach’s implementation of The Lightning Network served as a use case that showed that it could be used to transact in the country as a whole. Since then, the network keeps growing day after day,...

Oct 04 2021

Discussing The Latest Lightning Network Developments

Leaders in the Lightning Network discuss Chivo wallet, miner extractable value, replace-by-fee and more.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Aug 06 2020

Grandmas On Lightning

Is Bitcoin Too Hard To Understand? I’ve spent a huge part of the last three years explaining Bitcoin to general audiences and the most common form of resistance I encounter is: “Bitcoin is too complicated. The masses will never understand it.” It’s a fair argument. Bitcoin is complicated and if you want to reach a competent understanding of the big picture then, at...

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