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Feb 09 2022

AssangeDAO Pools $50M In Funds To Liberate WikiLeaks Founder

Founded in early February 2022, AssangeDAO has embarked on a mission to raise capital and pay for the legal fees related to the case of Julian Assange. The WikiLeaks founder spent several years on the Ecuadorian Embassy in the United Kingdom, trying to escape the U.S. Government. Related Reading |...

Feb 07 2022

Cryptocurrency investors unite and donate more than $35M to help free Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange

"Free Assange by any means necessary" is the revolutionary message visible on AssangeDao's Twitter account inciting fellow "cypherphunks" to help donate to the cause. Assange DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization set up solely to receive donations to help free Julian Assange. The Assange DAO claims on their project page on Juice box that the […]

Feb 03 2022

Apr 07 2021

Bitcoiners Should Stand Up For My Brother, Julian Assange

Prosecution against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a cruise missile against a free internet, and Bitcoin could be next.An Espionage Act prosecution against Julian Assange isn’t just an attack on the First Amendment. It’s a cruise missile against a free internet, and Bitcoin could be next.I never thought my older brother Julian Assange would need my help. I’ve always looked up...

Jan 20 2021

Trump Pardons Ripple Board Member Ken Kurson; Ulbricht, Snowden Not on List

Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht was not among the 143 individuals to receive clemency from the President, despite reports he was being considered.

Jan 04 2021

Julian Assange’s Extradition to US Blocked Over Mental Health Concerns

A judge at the U.K.'s Central Criminal Court ruled Monday that there would be a "high risk" of suicide if Assange was sent to face charges in the U.S.

Oct 02 2020

Political Prosecution Of Julian Assange Calls For Nonviolent Cryptographic Defense

On October 1, 2020, WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange’s extradition hearing at the Old Bailey in London came to an end. What unfolded during 18 days of hearings was a Kafkaesque show-trial of a free press, where Assange was placed behind a glass case, unable to have access to his lawyers. This is a war against journalism, and an empire’s assaults on the rights...

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