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Apr 15 2021

USDT on TRON Exceeds USDT on Ethereum 729 Days After Launch

USDT issued on Tron (TRX) has eclipsed that issued on Ethereum The milestone was achieved 729 days after TRC20-USDT was launched Justin Sun marked the milestone through Twitter by thanking the Tron community TRX has had an impressive run in the markets but a pullback could be on the horizon The amount of Tether (USDT) issued on the Tron blockchain has just exceeded...

Apr 13 2021

USDT Issued on Tron is About to Surpass that Issued on Ethereum

The amount of Tether (USDT) issued on Tron is slowly catching up to that issued on Ethereum $23.416 Billion ERC20-USDT has been issued compared to $21.994 Billion TRC20-USDT Tron issued USDT is gaining popularity due to its low fees and its use in the Tron ecosystem The value of TRX has benefited from the increased activity on the network The amount of Tether...

Mar 29 2021

Justin Sun Launching NFT Fund, Minting Beeple on TRON

Mar 29 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business justin sun just nft nfts

Justin Sun, one of crypto's most controversial figures, has his sights set on the NFT market. Justin Sun Launches JUST NFT Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON blockchain, is setting up an NFT fund. ...

TRON Founder Justin Sun Unveils Exclusive ‘Million-Dollar’ NFT Fund

Mar 29 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  beeple justin sun just token nft news nfts

TRON Foundation CEO, Justin Sun launches the JUST NFT Fund. Artwork to start at $1 million. His $6 million bid-winning NFT artwork by Beeple to be showcased on Tron....

Mar 23 2021

NFT News: Tron Founder Justin Sun Buys Beeple’s Ocean Front NFT For $6M

Mar 23 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  beeple justin sun news nft marketplace nft news

Beeple, the digital artist whose "First 5000 Days" NFT art bagged $69 million only a couple of weeks ago has sold another of his artwork "Ocean Front" in the form of an NFT for $6 million. Beeple's latest art auction was done for an environmental cause as all the proceeds of the auction would go towards OpenEarth...

Mar 12 2021

Beeple’s Digital Artwork NFT Goes For A Record $69 Million, Tron’s Justin Sun Loses Bid At Last Minute

In a record-breaking NFT sale of a digital artwork NFT, Mike Winkelmann's (Beeple) latest piece "Everydays - The First 5000 Days" goes for a whopping $69 million. The auction was...

Mar 10 2021

Jack Dorsey To End Ethereum NFT Auction of His 1st Tweet on March 21st

In brief: Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey will end the NFT auction of his first tweet on the 21st of March He will immediately convert all proceeds to Bitcoin and Donate to GiveDirectly.org Justin Sun has been outbid for the NFT by the CEO of Bridge Oracle, Hakan Estavi Mr. Estavi has bid $2.5M and offered to increase his bid for the NFT for...

Mar 06 2021

Tron’s Justin Sun Bids $0.5M For NFT of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

In brief: Tron's founder, Justin Sun, has bid half a million USD for Jack Dorsey's first Tweet on the Valuables NFT market Jack Dorsey listed the tweet for sale earlier today The Ethereum based Valuable NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell tweets autographed by their original creators The founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, has just bid half a million...

Feb 24 2021

Tron’s (TRX) DeFi Ecosystem Exceeds $5.7B in Total Value Locked

In brief: Total value locked in Tron's DeFi ecosystem has now exceeded $5.7 Billion Tron's proposal 51 has increased investors confidence in TRX as the digital asset is now deflationary TRX's value has more than doubled in value since the beginning of the year The Tron (TRX) Defi ecosystem has reached a new milestone in the form of total value locked. According to...

Feb 09 2021

US Lawmakers Ask Justin Sun, DLive How They Moderates Extremist Content

The letter also asks whether DLive identified any crypto donations from foreign entities to the individuals present on Jan. 6.

Jan 29 2021

Tron [TRX] Founder Justin Sun Bets on wallstreetbets, Promises to Buy $1 Million Worth $GME

Jan 29 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news justin sun news tron price trxbch

Justin Sun, founder of cryptocurrency Tron [TRX] has announced to buy $1 Million worth of $GME and support wallstreetbets from Asia. Sun, announced this via his official twitter account which was further shared by wallstreetbets moderators. I'll be buying $1 Mil of $GME tonight from Asia when the market opens! Wallstreetbets community know that over The post Tron [TRX] Founder Justin Sun Bets...

Jan 26 2021

[Updated] Top-10 Best Bitcoin and Crypto Memes 2021

Whatever happens, it is vital to see the bright side of trouble. What does help you to endure the pain and see the issue from a different perspective? Humour! Since we are living in the digital age, we constantly consume a tremendous amount of information daily. And let’s face it, we spend quite a time looking and reading for memes. To cheer you...

Jan 17 2021

Top-10 Best Bitcoin and Crypto Memes 2021

Memeing is a completely ordinary thing even in such a serious sphere as cryptocurrency. There are so many memes about bitcoins, altcoins and crypto theme that almost the biggest part of them is sooo dumpy. Reddit and Twitter are flooded with tons of memes. Here, on Changelly, we would like to share the best and funniest memes of 2020 so far. So get...

Jan 08 2021

Tron-Owned Video Platform Criticized for Hosting Extremists, U.S. Capitol Rioters

Jan 08 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business crime dlive justin sun news

A legal non-profit accuses the platform of failing to moderate accounts and allowing extremists to collect donations.

Dec 29 2020

The Fight for Consumer Adoption Is Just Beginning

In the next phase, blockchain networks have to find use cases beyond censorship resistance and permissionless access, says TRON's founder.

Dec 05 2020

Tron’s Daily Active TRX Wallets Hit All-Time Highs in November

Quick take: The number of daily active Tron wallets hit an all-time high in November According to DappRadar, this figure exceeded 150k Tron's total transaction volume in November was $578 million, a 13% decrease from October High-risk Dapps are a major contributor to Tron's transaction volume The blockchain network of Tron (TRX) experienced all-time highs in terms of daily active wallets. According to...

Nov 27 2020

Ethereum is now a Wrapped Token on the Tron (TRX) Network

Quick take: Justin Sun announced the launch of wrapped Ethereum on the Tron Network The token goes by the ticker of ETHTRON The Wrapped Ethereum injects ETH's value on the Tron network It is available on Poloniex and redeemable on a 1:1 ratio with actual Ethereum The digital asset of Ethereum is now available on the Tron (TRX) Network. The project's founder and...

Nov 20 2020

Ethereum is Like iPhone, Tron (TRX) is Like Android – Justin Sun

Quick take: Justin Sun has likened Ethereum to the iPhone and Tron to the Android operating system According to Justin, not everyone can afford an iPhone Android has thus emerged as the go-to platform for smartphones due to its lower cost In a similar manner, Tron will become the go-to platform for blockchain developers and users due to its cheaper transactions and scalability...

Nov 06 2020

The Tron (TRX) Network Now Hosts 15k Wrapped Bitcoin

Quick take: The amount of Wrapped Bitcoin on Tron now stands at 15,000 This number is a 5x increment in less than a month BTCTRON now has 2,468 holders and users have transacted 46,397 using the digital asset Transactions on the Tron network have now exceeded 1.3 Billion This past week and when Bitcoin was breaking the $14k and $15k price ceilings, the...

Oct 30 2020

TRON Launches JustLink, the ChainLink Equivalent on the TRX Network

Summary: Tron has launched JustLink, an oracle on the Tron network to power smart contracts with real-time data JustLink is 'the answer for ChainLink on the Tron network' JST will be the native token of JustLink If JustLink is Tron's version of ChainLink, JST should thrive in the crypto markets just like LINK The team at Tron (TRX) and the JUST foundation has...

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