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Sep 13 2022

Trudeau Takes Another Swing at Crypto in Latest Speech

Justin Trudeau has criticized the newly-elected Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, saying that his pro-crypto stance was not responsible leadership. Trudeau Slams Pro-Crypto Opponent Canadas Prime Minister Justin...

Trudeau says showing support for crypto is irresponsible leadership

Justin Trudeau has called out the newly elected leader of Canada's Conservative Party for his pro-crypto views. In a series of tweets on Sept. 13, the Prime Minister of Canada said that his party will continue to work with members of the Conservative Party...

Mar 23 2022

Canadian Authorities Seized Only 6 Of The 21 BTC Donated To The Truckers’ Convoy

The Canadian truckers’ protest is one of 2022 biggest stories. The turning point was when the Government invoked the Emergencies Act and, among other things, got the power to seize all donations including cryptocurrencies. As it turns out, getting hold of the assets proved difficult and almost 70% of the 21 bitcoin is missing from the main account. How did we get here,...

Feb 25 2022

Watch Senator Ted Cruz Singing Bitcoin’s Praises At A Conservative Conference

It’s official, Senator Ted Cruz is a bitcoiner. At least, to the degree to which we can trust politicians. Is this a sign of things to come or an exception to the rule? After flirting with the idea for a few weeks, Ted Cruz came out as a full-fledged bitcoiner at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. And the public present cheered after...

Feb 15 2022

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