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Nov 25 2021

Kazakhstan Plans For A Nuclear Power Plant To Keep Crypto Mining

Kazakhstan's president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, proposed building a nuclear power plant to sustain the country's crypto mining growth amidst the energy crisis the country is facing. The suggestion was made during a meeting with bankers on November 19th, following various proposals that aim "to increase the contribution of the...

Nov 08 2021

Kazakhstan Senate Approves Legislation To Monitor Crypto Service Providers

The Kazakhstan national parliament has passed a law that subjects crypto service providers to the country’s financial monitoring system. The law aims to protect investors and also prevent crypto-related crimes from happening. According to a...

Sep 24 2021

Kazakhstan Might Have to Shut Bitcoin ($BTC) Mining Operations, Here’s Why

Kazakhstan, the Central Asian nation that became a Bitcoin mining hub in the wake of the Chinese crypto crackdown and miner exodus might have to shut BTC mining operations temporarily. The country is facing an electricity crunch that intensifies in winter and the government might have to impose restrictions on Bitcoin mining to ensure ample The post Kazakhstan Might Have to Shut Bitcoin...

Aug 15 2021

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Score Rises Again As BTC Continues Its Bullish Trend

Difficulty in Bitcoin mining jumps the second time following the mid-July dip as the ecosystem recovers continuously. The Bitcoin mining ecosystem witnesses a mining difficulty that increased after China reported a crackdown facing the mining operations. The peak of the crackdown resulted in a global hash rate of up to three-quarters. BTC.com’s latest data reveals a Bitcoin mining difficulty...

Jul 28 2021

BIT Mining Picks Kazakhstan As New Mining Base

Jul 28 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  bitcoin mining bit mining kazakhstan

BIT Mining, a cryptocurrency mining company that recently stated it will be expanding outside of China, aims to buy 2,500 Bitcoin miners for deployment in Kazakhstan. BIT Mining Goes To Kazakhstan BIT Mining announced on Wednesday that it had agreed to buy 2,500...

Jun 23 2021

Canaan To Begin Mining Bitcoin Itself, Setting Up Operations In Kazakhstan

Leading bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Canaan will start mining BTC itself and is setting up new operations in Kazakhstan.Bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Canaan, one of the largest mining hardware providers worldwide, has announced that it is making its first foray into mining bitcoin itself by setting up mining operations in Kazakhstan."We believe that our...

Jun 22 2021

Barred From China, BIT Mining Has Started Moving Bitcoin Mining Operations To Kazakhstan

Following power cuts to its bitcoin mining operations in China, BIT Mining is moving rigs to Kazakhstan.Bitcoin mining company BIT Mining, owner of the BTC.com mining pool and the corresponding domain name, announced today that it has successfully transferred the first of three batches of bitcoin mining...

Jun 15 2021

Kazakhstan Could Soon Introduce A Tax On Crypto Mining Operations

Crypto mining has been a hot topic of discussion at this stage, and with China cracking down on local miners, Kazakhstan has emerged as the next big destination for crypto miners. With a major influx of crypto miners over the last...

May 24 2021

BIT Mining Limited to Invest in a Cryptocurrency Data Center in Kazakhstan

The Chinese listed firm looks forward to expands its total power capacity amid regulatory uncertainties in the Asian giant.

Sep 09 2020

Kazakhstan’s Government Invests $700 Million In Bitcoin Mining

On the 2nd of September, the newly appointed Kazakh minister of digital development, Bagdat Mussin, confirmed that his government was going to invest a high amount of money in Bitcoin mining. His predecessor Askar Zhumagaliyev had already addressed his country's ambitious $700 Million project. On the day he was sworn in, Mussin told...

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