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Jan 29 2022

How Lightning Network, Taproot Growth Signal The Future Of Bitcoin

The first day of Keyfest 2022 highlighted the growth of the Lightning Network and Taproot, and reflected on the future of Bitcoin.The first day of Keyfest 2022, a virtual Bitcoin conference hosted by Casa, was focused on the future of Bitcoin — exciting applications currently being developed and others that are growing in user base — and the continued growth of...

As It Embraces Bitcoin, Nigeria Offers Lessons To The Developing World

As Bitcoin becomes more widely accepted in Nigeria, the country offers lessons in self-custody practices for Bitcoiners in developing nations.Casa recently hosted a virtual conference, Keyfest, during which Peter McCormack of the “What Bitcoin Did” podcast hosted a conversation with Obi Nwosu, the cofounder of U.K.-based bitcoin exchange Coinfloor, and Nick Neuman, the CEO...

Jan 25 2022

Is The Lightning Network Centralized?

The emergence of Lightning Hubs might suggest that Bitcoin’s leading Layer 2 protocol is centralized. So let’s compare it to fiat’s structure.Bitcoin custody provider Casa held its annual Keyfest conference this month, and with it came many conversations around Bitcoin privacy, security and the Lightning Network. And one very important question was raised in the Q&A portion of the first session of...

Jan 23 2022

Bitcoin OPSEC Tips From Casa Keyfest: What Should James Bond Do?

Jan 23 2022 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  casa culture feature hacks james bond

During Casa Keyfest, Head of Security Ron Stoner gave some tips on Bitcoin OPSEC. Naturally, I wondered what James Bond should do.During a Casa Keyfest conference session held on January 6, Casa Head of Security Ron Stoner gave a rundown on “operations security” (OPSEC), a...

Dec 27 2021

Virtual Bitcoin Event Keyfest To Be Held In January

Dec 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  bitcoin business casa events keyfest

Keyfest 2022 will feature conversations and workshops about the future of Bitcoin private keys, privacy, and sovereignty.Casa, a Bitcoin security company, will host a virtual festival celebrating the past, present, and future of personal keys. On January 5-7, Keyfest 2022 will gather prominent Bitcoiners to discuss wallet security, financial sovereignty, privacy, and what makes it all possible – private keys....

Jan 03 2021

It’s Genesis Block Day. Do You Know Where Your Bitcoin Keys Are?

Jan 03 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin casa keyfest proof of keys tech

"Not your keys, not your bitcoin." This week, two events want to help you on your road to financial self sovereignty.

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