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Sep 23 2022

Bitcoin Is The Opportunity For A New Economy In Central America

After years of oppression and nation-state level gaslighting, Bitcoin represents new hope for Central America.This is an opinion editorial by Pierre Corbin, the producer and director of “The Great Reset And The Rise of Bitcoin” documentary.Bitcoin’s properties make it the perfect asset to gain one’s sovereignty. But this is not only true for individuals. This is as important a topic for...

Sep 18 2022

Bitcoin Limits External Influence On South America

World powers are fighting to influence policy in South America, but bitcoin prevents outside powers from exerting subversive pressure in the region.This is an opinion editorial by Vinicius Piscini, a bitcoin pleb.Despite the great growth potential of countries in Latin America, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile and even Paraguay, external influences contribute to the stagnation and...

Aug 17 2022

BNB Chain plans to train 30K new Web3 developers in 2022

Aug 17 2022 Published at Coinscreed under tags  bnb chain latin america news

As Latin America continues to be a hotbed for adoption and cryptocurrency- related activities, BNB Chain is getting ready to introduce a Web3 programming course for students in the Latin American region. A Web3 development course will be made available for Latin America through Platzi and BNB Chain, a blockchain network developed by cryptocurrency exchange Binance. […] The post...

Aug 15 2022

LATAM’s Largest Investment Bank BTG Pactual Launches Bitcoin, Crypto Exchange

BTG Pactual has launched Mynt, a new exchange for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Brazil focusing on education in the ecosystem.The largest investment bank in Latin America just launched a cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil.The exchange will only support bitcoin and one other cryptocurrency at launch.BTG Pactual holds over $1 trillion in managed assets....

Aug 11 2022

Vinteum Will Train And Sponsor Bitcoin Developers In Brazil And Latin America

The planet needs Vinteum because “we need developers from all over the world to build this global internet-native money.” What is Vinteum? In the post announcing the organization’s existence, they describe themselves as “a non- profit Bitcoin research and development center dedicated to supporting Bitcoin developers in Brazil and the wider Latin America region. We will train and fund open source developers to work...

Aug 10 2022

Vinteum Launches Funding Bitcoin Developers In Brazil, Latin America

The non-profit will provide educational onboarding and funding for Bitcoin developers in Brazil and globally furthering Bitcoin’s decentralized global nature.Vinteum is a non-profit dedicated to decentralizing the open-source development of Bitcoin in Brazil.The non-profit intends to expand into the whole of Latin America, and eventually fund development worldwide. Bruno Garcia will be...

Jul 15 2022

Latin Americans Are the Most Bullish About Cryptocurrencies

A new report from Ripple shows that Latin Americans prefer businesses to accept cryptocurrencies rather than other types of payments. This is a trend that can be seen […]

Jun 16 2022

President of Panama Vetoes Crypto Bill Passed By Parliament

Panama's president Lorentino Cortizo has partially rejected the crypto bill proposed by the country's parliament after stalling for weeks citing absence of Anti-Money Laundering rules and a lack of sufficient information on his part then. Panama wants to enter the Crypto scene Gabriel Silva, Congressman in the National Assembly of Panama, in a recent tweet,...

May 28 2022

Huobi Global Acquires Bitex, Expands Presence in Latin America

To enhance its business in the growing region of Latin America, Huobi Global recently announced that it has acquired Bitex, a crypto exchange with a strong presence in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, a...

Chinese Crypto Exchange Huobi To Expand In Latin America, Buys Bitex Crypto Exchange

The Chinese crypto exchange Huobi announced that it had purchased a Latin American cryptocurrency exchange, Bitex. The exchange did this to reach out to Latin American countries like Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Huobi explains that the firm is expanding its influence in Latin America as it sees the region as one of the most proactive cryptocurrency acceptancy regions worldwide. Huobi Global To...

May 26 2022

Huobi Expands its Latin America Footprint By Acquiring the Bitex Crypto Exchange

Quick take: Huobi Global has announced the acquisition of Bitex to expand its presence in the Latin America region that continues to embrace crypto. Bitex, founded in 2014, is one of the first regional crypto exchanges in Latin America, providing services in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Huobi will integrate Bitex operations into its platform, with the latter retaining its brand and running...

May 24 2022

Survey: Companies Accepting Bitcoin, Crypto Have Positive Impact On Their Image

A survey from CoinsPaid saw respondents from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia positively view bitcoin as the future of money amid high inflation levels.CoinsPaid recently surveyed respondents from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia on their outlook of companies accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Over 50% of Brazilians, 38% of Argentinians, and 35% of Colombians view currencies like bitcoin...

May 06 2022

Crypto Regulation Advances by Leaps and Bounds in Latin America

Crypto adoption in Latin America keeps rising across the board, with many countries discussing bills that aim to prepare the ground for a proper regulatory environment for related businesses.

Binance Signs Five-Year Deal with Argentine Football Association

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has signed its first sponsorship agreement with a national football team. . The digital exchange just entered into a five-year deal with the Ar...

May 05 2022

Chainlink set to automate rental payments for Latin American real estate platform LaProp

Chainlink has partnered with LaProp a tokenized real estate platform to enable the former to automate rental payouts to token holders with high security and cost-efficiency. The Latin American property market will be served by a tokenized real estate platform powered by decentralized oracle network Chainlink. LaProp will allow investors to purchase tokenized shares in […]

May 04 2022

Why Bitcoin Works For Latin America

The trustless nature of Bitcoin allows tremendous societal growth and development in places with low trust in the government and institutions.With El Salvador’s recent transition of making bitcoin legal tender, people are beginning to take the cryptocurrency more seriously. One important consideration about President Nayib Bukele’s incorporation of Bitcoin into the country is the ability to solve numerous issues...

Apr 15 2022

What Can You Do With Your Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Tokens?

Shiba Inu, the decentralized meme token which has grown exponentially into a dynamic ecosystem has introduced yet another strategic use case. This time, Shiba Inu ($SHIB) token is now supported on the Colombian delivery app Rappi. Founded in August 2020, Shiba Inu has grown steadily with its innovative reward system and over 585,000 community members. The token...

Apr 11 2022

Delivery App Rappi Deploys Crypto Payments Pilot in Mexico

Rappi, a Colombian delivery app and startup that offers on-demand deliveries across Latin America, announced today that it launched a pilot program in Mexico to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Mar 24 2022

El Salvador’s President Bukele Fires Back at The US Over Anti-Bitcoin Adoption Policy

President Nayib Bukele says US government does not stand for freedom over Bitcoin adoption policy.

Mar 19 2022

Tropykus and Emerging Economies

Mar 19 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  defi latin america tropykus

Financial inclusion, transparency, and the complete elimination of third parties in financial transactions are some of the foundational principles of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Interestingly, Tropykus, a DeFi lending and borrowing protocol, looks to embody these principles. The DeFi protocol, according to reports, is focused on bringing financial inclusion to emerging economies like Latin America. Therefore, providing Latin...

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