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Sep 20 2021

Aug 17 2021

Aug 09 2021

Lightning Network Capacity Grows 46% In Two Months

The Lightning Network, Bitcoin's Layer 2 solution for scalability and privacy, now holds over 2,200 BTC – a 46% increase in under two months. ​The Lightning Network, a Layer 2 protocol for scaling the Bitcoin network with fast, cheap, and private transactions, now holds over 2,200 BTC in its channels. The scaling...

Aug 03 2021

Lightning Network 101: How And Why It Works

It’s all about the Lightning Network in Bitcoin land. This decentralized micropayments system unlocked Bitcoin’s scalability problem and unleashed the possibility of hyperbitcoinization into the world. Not only that, since this Layer 2 solution was created with the Bitcoin ethos in mind, it offers similar security guarantees. It all runs over the Bitcoin blockchain, even though it only touches it for final settlement....

Jul 30 2021

The Semantics Of The Bitcoin Layers

Jul 30 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  culture history layer 2 layers scaling

While we casually talk about Bitcoin having multiple layers, the word itself has historical meaning.The Semantics Of A Bitcoin LayerThe idea of a layer comes from two worlds, each of which uses a layered approach in a distinct manner: the world of money, and the world of networks. In this article we will briefly explore both worlds. After the concept of...

Jul 29 2021

Jul 23 2021

Ethereum May Get Millions More Users via Reddit on Layer 2

Social content aggregation platform, Reddit, has selected Layer 2 Ethereum solutions provider, Arbitrum, to scale its community points program. The move could potentially onboard millions of new users to the Ethereum ecosystem. Reddit made the announcement on July 22, adding that it will be testing the scaling network on the Rinkeby testnet, before migrating to the Ethereum mainnet. The U.S. social media giant...

Jun 30 2021

Jun 18 2021

Polygon: The Layer 2 Solution Doing 8 Times as Many Transactions a Day as Ethereum

Jun 18 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 eth 2.0 ethereum layer 2 matic

Jaynti Kanani, cofounder and CEO of Polygon, discusses why the layer 2 solution has seen so much success during a down crypto market. Show highlights: what factors have led to Polygon’s and MATIC's impressive performance YTD how Polygon...

Jun 01 2021

Nick Tomaino on 1confirmation’s $125 Million Fund and What Future NFTs Will Look Like

Jun 01 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 dao defi ethereum layer 2

Nick Tomaino, general partner of 1confirmation, discusses his firm’s recently announced third fund of $125 million and gives his perspective on many hot crypto topics, such as NFTs, Layer 2 solutions, Polkadot, DAOs, and more. Show highlights: why Nick became interested in crypto and his background...

May 29 2021

May 27 2021

May 26 2021

Cartesi (CTSI) Is Now Available on Crypto.com Exchange

Popular chain-agnostic platform, Cartesi (CTSI), has announced that CSTI will be listed on the Crypto.com exchange. The announcement was made via Cartesi (CTSI) Twitter handle, also stating that the Crypto.com exchange platform and mobile app will give access to their 10M+ users. Also, giving Cartesi access to a professional trading UI powered by $CRO, low fees, and execution prices....

Number of BTC HODLers at a Record High

May 26, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits...

May 25 2021

How Solana and Binance Smart Chain Could Take Ethereum’s Lead

Kain Warwick, founder of Synthetix, and Kyle Samani, managing partner at Multicoin Capital, debate the merits of Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain. In this episode, they discuss: why Ethereum is losing market share to Solana and BSC...

May 17 2021

Top 5 Trends This New Crypto Market Dip Will Bring

Cryptocurrency markets are currently undergoing their fifth major correction in the current cycle, and this one is the largest yet. Total market capitalization has fallen by 21% from its all-time high of $2.55 trillion on May 12 to $2 trillion today. Dips are a healthy part of market cycles, the crypto market included, since prices do not move in a straight line. A...

Apr 27 2021

Apr 26 2021

ParaState | Layer 2 Ethereum On Steroids!

Apr 26 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  altcoin projects evm layer 2 parastate

Unlike its predecessors, Ethereum aims to serve as a general purpose computing platform that can make entirely new forms of applications possible. However, over the past years, the crypto community has seen smart contracts deployed on the network subverted by various exploits and bugs. For example, the DAO exploit, the Parity multi-sig wallet bug, and more. While the blame for the preponderance of...

Apr 22 2021

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