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Jul 26 2021

FTX & Binance promote ‘responsible trading’ by reducing max leverage limits

FTX crypto derivatives exchange and Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange have announced a drastic reduction in the maximum leverage options allowed on their respective platforms. This move has come as part of the exchanges’ initiative towards promoting responsible and secure trading for existing and new users. FTX’s responsible trading Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), FTX CEO The post FTX & Binance promote ‘responsible trading’...

May 28 2021

Bitcoin’s Margin Effect: What’s Really Driving Volatility in BTC Markets?

China and Tesla have been cited as the source of recent BTC price volatility. Is there more to the story?

Apr 12 2021

The Conclusion Of The Long-Term Debt Cycle And The Rise Of Bitcoin

Apr 12 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  debt global debt leverage markets

The conclusion of the long-term debt cycle is an inescapable economic reality that coincides with the ascent of the Bitcoin Network.In this article, I will detail why the incumbent global financial system is irreversibly broken, how it got to this point, and what the world will look like coming out the other side of the present crisis. I will use the frameworks...

Mar 19 2021

Flexible Leverage and Tokenized Volatility Trading Coming To DeFi

The options for investment in decentralized finance are forever expanding, and two protocols are bringing new products to the table. The first product was introduced in a March 18 announcement. The Index Cooperative, in collaboration with DeFi Pulse, unveiled the launch of a new product called the Flexible Leverage Index, or FLI, which is pronounced “fly”. According to the...

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