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Sep 22 2022

Validating Lightning Signer Separates Keys From Nodes

The team at Sphinx is using the Validating Lightning Signer architecture to separate the keys from the Lightning node using a dedicated signing device.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1264: "Don’t underestimate human creativity." Sign up...

Jul 07 2022

Pickhardt Payments: How To Send Large Bitcoin Payments On Lightning

The work of Rene Pickhardt shows that despite being mainly used for small, fast Bitcoin transactions, Lightning can also deliver large payments.The Lightning Network is seen as the main solution in the Bitcoin ecosystem for making small BTC transactions feasible, as it enables the smallest of payments to be sent for nearly no...

May 31 2022

How To Make Your Bitcoin Lightning Network Node Mobile

Now you can take the Bitcoin Layer 2 implementation wherever you go, giving you the ability to transmit sats everywhere!This is an opinion editorial by Anthony Feliciano, a Bitcoin events organizer and contributor at Bitcoin Magazine.This article is a follow up to a previous article I wrote, talking about...

Apr 07 2022

Voltage Will Release Two New Products To Onboard Users Onto Lightning

Voltage offers Lightning node hosting and liquidity purchasing from other node operators. The CEO announced two new products at Bitcoin 2022.Voltage bills itself as, “Enterprise-grade infrastructure for the Lightning Network. Scalability should be as fast and as easy as Lightning itself.” The company offers node hosting over clearnet to allow businesses to onboard to the...

Nov 11 2021

A Neural Network Is Developing Between Bitcoin Lightning Network Nodes

The topography that is emerging on the Lightning Network seems to be mimicking many things we find in nature.The below is a direct excerpt of Marty's Bent Issue #1109: "A neural network is developing between Lightning Nodes." Sign up for the newsletter here....

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