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May 31 2022

Lisk (LSK) Extends Its Grant Program

Did you know you can create your own blockchain application (dApp) using Lisk (LSK)? In a bid to continue supporting blockchain dApp developers, Lisk (LSK) reveals plans to extend its grant program. The blockchain SDK platform will now offer the 5th wave of its Lisk (LSK) Grant Program. This is great news and an opportune moment for developers to join the...

Mar 31 2022

Making Blockchain Accessible to Everyone—Lisk’s Vision

Lisk is on a mission to make blockchain accessible to everyone. To achieve this, Lisk has eliminated the need to learn new programming languages—JavaScript knowledge is enough. Lisk combines cutting-edge technology to enable developers to create and launch blockchain apps with a whole new level of flexibility, something unprecedented in the space.

Nov 25 2021

The Ultimate Guide of Lisk ($LSK) Ecosystem

Lisk has been around since 2016, but most non-developers have never heard of it. That's mostly because they have been building quietly, and they are not a high flyer with a token that's made 8000%. Lisk ($LSK) is in a unique position in the crypto-economy because it's been a long-established crypto company since 2016. Also,...

Aug 15 2021

Is This Upcoming Event the Last Chance for LISK?

LISK had an auspicious beginning and became a popular blockchain project. Over the years, however, the project ran afoul of various issues, causing a lack of luster and a drop in popularity. Yet LISK may climb back into the spotlight with its upcoming major upgrade on August 21. LISK will undergo a hard fork on August 21. At that time, the platform plans...

May 24 2021

Blockchain platform Lisk unveils roadmap to ecosystem interoperability

May 24 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  lisk networks & protocols

CryptoNinjas » Blockchain platform Lisk unveils roadmap to ecosystem interoperability Lisk, a platform for building blockchain applications using...

May 07 2021

LSK Price Prediction

May 07 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  lisk lsk technical analysis

Lisk is a blockchain application platform headquartered in Zug, Switzerland which had one of the most historic ICO raising 14,000 BTC. Lisk will enable developers to build blockchain applications and deploy their own sidechain linked to the Lisk network based on its own blockchain network and token LSK, including a custom token. Developers can implement and...

May 02 2021

Top Crypto Gems for May (Part 2)

May 02 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  aioz altcoin projects crypto dafi fractal

Altcoin Buzz has always been a market leader in recommending altcoins poised to grow in the future. Since we are heading to a new month, it's time to look at some blockchain-based projects with the potential to generate profit for investors. April turned out to be a great month for Ethereum since it made a new high of $2,798. Altcoins also had momentum...

Sep 30 2020

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 40

This week's selection of top 3 coins to watch features three altcoins, which belong to three promising projects. Since we are already a bit late with publishing the article, let's cut right to the point.

Sep 18 2020

Lisk Platform and LSK Cryptocurrency Review

Lisk is a blockchain-based platform that provides developers with the necessary tools for decentralized application building. It offers a variety of Software Development Kit (SDK) elements that facilitate the process of creating and managing dApps. Lisk is powered by the LSK coin that ICOed back in 2016. The platform uses JavaScript as its coding language, which makes it accessible for a larger number...

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