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Jan 20 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Drops Briefly Below $33.5K While Ether Calls Dominate Options

Bitcoin fell by over $3,300 while options traders see ether going higher.

Jan 19 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hangs at $36.4K While Ether Flies to Over $1.4K

Jan 19 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  0x algorand bitcoin bitcoin cash commodities

The price of bitcoin has traded in a tight range Tuesday.

Jan 17 2021

Top 5 Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Week -(Week 25)

The Bitcoin price has decreased by almost 14% in the last 7 days. While the Bitcoin price has dropped, some Altcoins performed well. At the time of writing this, the Bitcoin price is sitting at $34663.26. Here are the top 5 performing cryptocurrencies of the week (week-25). Let’s take a look at it in more...

Jan 15 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips to $34.4K as Big-Name DeFi Tokens Trounce ETH

Bitcoin may be down now but there is still growing demand for crypto assets, one analyst said.

Jan 14 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Hits $40K Again While Ether Volume Is Erupting This Year

Jan 14 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  0x bitcoin bitcoin cash chainlink commodities

Bitcoin’s price is on a rising trend for the first time this week.

Jan 13 2021

First Mover: Don’t Like $34K Bitcoin? Stellar, Litecoin Yet to Conquer Old Highs

Jan 13 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  altcoins bitcoin first mover litecoin markets

Though bitcoin's rally has lost some steam, many traders are still in a bullish mood – and shifting to alternative cryptocurrencies known as "altcoins" whose prices have yet to clear all-time highs from years past.

Jan 11 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Plunges to $30.3K as Options Traders Bet on Sub-$800 Ether

Jan 11 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  bitcoin bitcoin cash commodities equities ether

Bitcoin’s huge sell-off by over $8,000 in the past 24 hours while options traders clearly are betting that ether is overvalued.

Jan 10 2021

Ethereum and Litecoin Take the Lead Growing by 10%

Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) have taken the lead in the cryptocurrency market. Both virtual currencies have experienced a 10% expansion in the last 24 hours. They are […]

Top 5 Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Week -(Week 24)

The first week of 2021 was very successful for cryptocurrencies. While the Bitcoin price increased by more than 28%, some altcoins displayed excellent performance. At the time of writing this, the Bitcoin price is sitting at USD 41167.27 and the BTC price has increased by almost 28% in the last 7 days. Here are the...

[Updated] Litecoin Cryptocurrency Price Forecast

Litecoin was the third cryptocurrency by market capitalization for a long time. Litecoin crypto coin has been active for over nine years now and has managed to be successful for most of this period. However, recent market fluctuations and the defi market hype strongly damaged the price of Litecoin. We, at Changelly, respect one of the first cryptocurrencies no matter the rate. The...

Jan 09 2021

Litecoin Smart Contracts to be Added Through Flare Network

The Flare Network announced that they will be integrating Litecoin smart contracts through its platform. This is expected to allow the LTC cryptocurrency trustlessly on Flare using Ethereum-style […]

Jan 06 2021

What is Abra? | An Investment App on the Litecoin Network

Jan 06 2021 Published at CoinCentral under tags  abra investment app litecoin news

What is Abra? Abra is a cryptocurrency investment platform that enables users to buy, sell, trade, and earn interest on a variety of cryptocurrencies. With as little as $5, users can earn around 10% interest on stablecoins and 4.5% interest on Bitcoin, compounded daily....

Ripple Faces Another Lawsuit, Litecoin Beats XRP

Tetragon Financial Group asked for a temporary restraining order against Ripple, cryptocurrency XRP drops below Litecoin.

Jan 04 2021

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Briefly Drops Close to $28K as Ether Futures Heat Up

Profit-taking helped lead bitcoin lower Monday while more investors are eyeing ether with great interest.

Jan 03 2021

Top 5 Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Week -(Week 23)

Jan 03 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin bitcoin crypto cryptoprice ethereum

The Bitcoin price is increasing like crazy. Many other cryptocurrencies are on a crazy drive. At the time of writing this, the Bitcoin price is sitting at USD 34165.50 and the BTC price has increased by almost 29% in the last 7 days. In the last seven days, the market has exhibited a great change. Some altcoins are showing great...

Jan 01 2021

Grayscale Reports $20.2 Billion in Assets Under Management

Jan 01 2021 Published at UseTheBitcoin under tags  bitcoin breaking btc crypto news eth

Grayscale continues to expand as we enter 2021. The digital asset management company informed that they are now managing $20.2 billion in assets. The company is offering different […]

Dec 31 2020

Happy New Year From FullyCrypto!

Reading Time: < 1 minute2020 has been quite the year – and we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you that. Bitcoin has gone 7.5x from its lows in March,...

Dec 30 2020

LTC Gearing Up For Massive 2021?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Litecoin (LTC) could be set for a bumper 2021 thanks to both fundamental and technical considerations Litecoin is one of the very few projects that have no fear of ever being declared a security, which is important for institutional buyers The...

Dec 29 2020

Litecoin Could Become the 4th-Largest Crypto as XRP Falls

Litecoin could become the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world. The digital currency is very close in terms of market valuation to XRP. In recent days, several cryptocurrency […]

Dec 28 2020

[Updated] Cryptocurrencies That Will Explode in 2021 – from Bitcoin to DeFi Tokens

We’re all waiting for the next major bull season that can help us to gain a massive profit. How to choose the right crypto to invest in? The first point to keep in mind is cryptocurrency liquidity. What else can help you make the right prediction about any crypto future? Changelly is here to discover you the world of best penny altcoins and...

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