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Aug 24 2021

Ethereum: Bulls Maintains their Priority as Retail Investors Stack Up

As the Ethereum network journeys fast unto its proposed shift from the Proof- of-Work (PoW) network, to the highly anticipated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain dubbed Ethereum 2.0, a number of stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem are positioning to get the best of from the anticipated changes. Just as previously reported, the challenges of the Ethereum network are The post Ethereum: Bulls Maintains their Priority as...

Aug 10 2021

ETH Surges to $3200 As Number of ETH Burning Exceeds 20,000 Coins

Aug 10 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news ethaud ethbkrw ethbrl ethbtc

It's five days since the London hardfork upgrade went live last Thursday, August 5. Since then the ETH price has been showing strength and has recently made a move to $3,200 levels. As of press time, ETH is trading 5.03% up at a price of $3110 with a market cap of $363 billion. Post the The post ETH Surges to $3200 As Number...

Aug 06 2021

Jul 07 2021

Ethereum (ETH) Shoots 5% As Developer Announces London Hardfork Upgrade Date

Jul 07 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news eip 1559 ethaud ethbkrw ethbrl

The world's second-largest cryptocurrency Etheruem (ETH) is up 4.83% in the last 24-hours once again moving past $2300 levels. At press time ETH is trading at $2342 with a market cap of $272 billion. The recent price uptick in ETH comes as developer Tim Beiko announced that the much-awaited Longdon hardfork upgrade to the Ethereum The post Ethereum (ETH) Shoots 5% As Developer...

Jul 06 2021

Jul 05 2021

Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Past $2300 Resistance, Long-Term Outlook Bullish

Jul 05 2021 Published at Coingape under tags  altcoin news eip 1559 ethaud ethbkrw ethbrl

On Sunday, July 4, the world's second-largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) is showing strong momentum northwards. The Ethereum (ETH) price has moved past its crucial resistance of $2300 for the first time in the last 16 days. With this, ETH's weekly gains have moved to nearly 20% as the crypto struggled under $2000 for quite some The post Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Past $2300 Resistance,...

Apr 24 2021

Ethereum EIP1559 Burner Deployment Set For June 14, ETH Goes Deflationary

Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko announced on April 23 that the highly anticipated London hard-fork and the included EIP1559 will likely go live by June 14. The EIP1559 upgrade will burn ETH tokens, relative to the fees generated on the network and will likely cause the ETH token to become deflationary i.e reduce supply by burning tokens....

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