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Oct 08 2021

Mt. Gox Repayment Vote Deadline Today

Reading Time: 2 minutes The deadline for former Mt. Gox users to vote on the rehabilitation plan is today Any non-votes will be counted as no votes, meaning that every vote is crucial The Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan has been a long and drawn out affair...

Jun 24 2021

Mt. Gox Class Action Lawsuit Fails

Reading Time: 2 minutes A Mt. Gox class action lawsuit against former CEO Mark Karpelès has failed A U.S. District Court judge ruled that the class action suit does not meet the threshold of similarity Mt. Gox class action lawsuits are still ongoing in other states...

Apr 05 2021

The Fall Of Mt. Gox – How It Changed The World Of Cryptocurrency Forever

Reading Time: 7 minutesOver the years the cryptocurrency market has seen it all. Success, failure, scandal, and surprise seem to be around every turn, with investors that haven’t been afraid to “hodl” experiencing a wild ride. For all the...

Jan 18 2021

Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Payout Within Touching Distance

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan has seen great strides being made in the past four weeks First the rehabilitation plan was agreed upon, and now Coinlab has accepted the terms Where does this leave the Mt. Gox rehabilitation process? Mt....

Dec 16 2020

Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Draft Plan Agreed

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan, which is almost two years late, has finally been filed The draft is now with the Tokyo District Court who will decide on next steps Approximately ₿850,000 was stolen from the...

Oct 16 2020

Mt. Gox Rehabilitation Deadline Pushed to December 15

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Mt. Gox rehabilitation plan deadline has been pushed back once more December 15 is the new date towards which creditors will work with trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi Every deadline has so far been missed, with “closer examination” needed,...

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