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Aug 19 2022

Blood On The Streets As Crypto Market Liquidations Cross $600 Million

Liquidations across the crypto market have quickly added up in the last day. Bitcoin had dropped below $22,000, triggering rapid losses for traders. These traders had obviously been following the recent bullish trend in the market but are now paying dearly for it. More than 150,000 traders have now lost their positions, leading to one of the worst liquidation trends to be recorded...

Mar 28 2022

Crypto Market Touches Above $2 Trillion, Investors Turn Greedy

The recent crypto market recovery has seen digital assets in the space post gains as high as 50%. This has seen more money flow into the market and in the wake of this has been the increase in the total crypto market cap. After languishing below $2 trillion for months, the total market cap has now made it back above this coveted point,...

Mar 03 2022

Bitcoin Sentiment Again Slips Into Fear After Briefly Turning Neutral This Week

Data shows the Bitcoin market sentiment has once again slipped into fear territory after standing neutral for the past couple of days. Bitcoin Fear And Greed Index Once Again Points At "Fear" The "fear and greed index" is an indicator that measures the general investor sentiment of the cryptocurrency market. The metric uses a...

Feb 02 2021

Crypto Long & Short: GameStop, Dogecoin y un nuevo paradigma de mercado

Es difícil ser justo con el significado e importancia que ha tenido el escándalo de Reddit-Robinhood-GameStop ocurrido la semana pasada. Con esto no quiero decir que no haya sido sobreestimado en algunos lugares. He oído comparaciones con los disturbios del Capitolio. Y no es lo mismo: aquello se trató de una sedición; esto es rebelión, […]

Jan 31 2021

Crypto Long & Short: GameStop, Dogecoin and a New Market Paradigm

We’re not just witnessing the changing nature of market forces. We’re also seeing a shift in the definition of market “fundamentals.”

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