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Jul 19 2022

GeckoCon 2022 – Bringing Crypto To The Masses

The most important goal for people that build in the crypto ecosystem is to reach global adoption. Our dream is that more and more people will have enough tools to use their cryptos for everything they use fiat money for right now. However, there is still a lot to build for that. Therefore, in this GeckoCon 2022 talk, you will discover three...

Mar 01 2022

Samson Mow Leaves Blockstream. What’s Next For The Bitcoin Ambassador?

It’s the end of an era. Samson Mow, Blockstream’s Chief Strategy Officer, left the company earlier today. The separation was amicable. “It's been a grand adventure working with Adam Back for the last 5 years and together we've accomplished a great deal from sidechains, to mining, to satellites. So what’s next? I plan to focus on nation-state Bitcoin adoption!” Mow announced....

Dec 14 2021

Dec 03 2021

The Remnant, The Parasite And The Masses

Members of the Remnant are inclined toward Bitcoin, while the other classes of society, the parasites and masses, remain antagonistic or ignorant.A Psychological Analysis Of The Core ArchetypesIn September 2021, I wrote a piece called “Bitcoiners Are The Remnant, The Masses Don’t Matter.”It was inspired by the incredible...

Nov 12 2021

Nov 11 2021

Oct 25 2021

Sep 09 2021

Aug 25 2021

Jun 29 2021

May 28 2021

The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to grow in Latin America

May 28 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  adoption crypto mass adoption

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly adopted in the portfolios of large companies and investors in Latin America. We invite you to know some of the Latin American companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You can buy a propertie using cryptos in Mercadolibre...

May 25 2021

May 19 2021

Apr 27 2021

Feb 18 2021

Brave Browser Now Offers NFTs via Swag Store

Brave Browser has now implemented support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its e-commerce platform Swag Store, expanding a partnership with Origin Protocol. Brave's Limited Edition NFTs...

Jan 29 2021

Cartesi Integrates Optimistic Rollups To Scale Ethereum DApps

Layer-2 blockchain Cartesi has launched Optimistic Rollups that will allow developers to build scalable Ethereum applications. Cartesi Adopts Optimistic Rollups Cartesi (CTSI) is a Layer-2 chain that began in 2018 as a Binance Launchpad...

Dec 31 2020

Governments Will Start to Hodl Bitcoin in 2021

Crypto assets not only are not going away. They will become integral to our financial and political lives.

Oct 04 2020

Plutus (PLU) Liquidity Injection Program Receives the Go-Ahead

London-based fintech firm Plutus is going ahead with its liquidity injection program. With this liquidity injection program, Plutus will move 2 million PLU from the Pluton Rewards Pool to the Plutus Development Fund. Impressively, the community approved the proposal with a supermajority of votes as 90% of the community voted in favor of the liquidity injection program. Plutus is a rising challenger bank...

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