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Jul 16 2022

We went to the Otherside First Trip, here’s what Voyagers Experienced!

Today marks the very first day where the Otherside project launches its first public event as part of its tech demo. Many investors were waiting to see any sign of that highly anticipated metaverse, as speculations happen a lot in the crypto world. The event was a great success, as thousands of users entered the metaverse and explored around. In...

Jul 12 2022

What Is Otherside Metaverse? Read This To Know More About the Bored Ape Metaverse

The Web3 world is a hot topic. New projects always enter this world with innovations and benefits. One such project is Otherside. This post is all about what is Otherside metaverse and its details. The Otherside Metaverse by Yuga Labs is one of the metaverse projects. Let's take a look at it in more detail. What is Otherside Metaverse? --...

May 11 2022

Top 5 Metaverse Games For May 2022 – BIG BUY Opportunity?

Blockchain gaming has become the go-to for players who intend to whet their gaming appetites and gain profits. This is due to the many games in the sector providing users and players with maximum earning opportunities. One of the best features of these games is that players enjoy games tailored for their needs while earning from them. Also,...

Jan 30 2022

THIS is How Metaverse can Revolutionize The Virtual World

The Metaverse really took off in 2021. Several Metaverse tokens from the crypto sector experienced extreme price gains in autumn and winter. The renaming of the Facebook parent company to "...

Jan 05 2022

Here are 5 EXCITING Metaverse Tokens on Solana Blockchain

The Solana ecosystem caused quite a stir in 2021. In addition to DeFi and NFTs, Metaversum tokens are now also being built on the fast Solana blockchain. Let's talk about 5 exciting Metaverse tokens and their projects that are currently running on the Solana Blockchain....

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