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Jul 29 2022

Miami Boosts Crypto Image With Release Of 5,000 NFTs With Mastercard, Time And Salesforce

Jul 29 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  btcusd citycoin crypto crypto news ethbtc

Miami has once again garnered headlines. Francis Suarez, the mayor of the city, stated his future plan to distribute 5,000 Ethereum NFTs in collaboration with Mastercard, Time, and Salesforce. According to a city press release, the NFTs – unique blockchain digital currencies that symbolize ownership — are being produced by 56 different artists from the city symbolizing its "56 square mile region." TIME...

Jun 21 2022

IBEX Onboards 85 Merchants In Miami To The Bitcoin Lightning Network

Following a merchant trial conducted at Bitcoin 2022, IBEX has onboarded 85 merchants to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in Miami, Florida.IBEX onboarded 85 merchants to the Bitcoin Lightning Network in Miami, Florida.The onboarding follows a successful large-scale merchant trial IBEX conducted this April at Bitcoin 2022.The company has deployed a dedicated customer service team to Miami...

May 17 2022

MiamiCoin raises regulatory concerns after value nosedives more than 90%

MiamiCoin, a cryptocurrency built for Miami, is down more than 90% since its launch in 2021, which has given rise to regulatory concerns, according to a Quartz report. MiamiCoin was developed by CityCoins — which is also working on creating cryptocurrencies for other cities in the U.S. like New York. The project received...

Apr 20 2022

From The Ground: The Bitcoin 2022 Conference In Tweets From The General Public

It’s time to close our Bitcoin 2022 coverage with the most fun people of all, the general public. How did they experience bitcoin’s biggest event of the year? What insights did they get? What panels do they recommend? This article is going to be jam-packed with information, interesting opinions, praise, videos, and pictures. Get some coffee and clear your schedule, because we have...

Apr 18 2022

From The Ground: The Bitcoin 2022 Conference In Tweets From The Protagonists

We’ve covered the Bitcoin 2022 conference from every possible angle. Except for this one. Our editor reported from the ground, and gave us a...

Apr 11 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Miami: Renaissance Art Gallery Puts Rarity On Display

Bitcoin is digital only, lacking a tangible asset to hold in your hand in the real world. Although you know it exists, you can never see it. The cryptocurrency and related themes have also inspired rare creations that only select individuals were able to view. Even fewer were able to put a bid on and potentially own such one-of-a-kind pieces while at the...

Apr 09 2022

Bitcoin 2022, Industry Day. Recap, Videos, And Quick Comment On Most Panels

As Bitcoinist starts to recap Bitcoin 2022’s content, it’s obvious that the focus on “crypto” was just a first-day thing. The Industry Day seems like a way to suck up to certain companies by giving them stage time, but without letting them interrupt the rest of the conference. And these first few presenters and guests weren’t as savvy or didn’t know in which...

Apr 07 2022

Bitcoin 2022 Conference, Industry Day: Bukele Steps Down, Tennessee Titans & More

The Bitcoin 2022 conference started with a muffled bang. On the one hand, it generated several headlines and got people talking. On the other, the valuable content wasn’t there. And they mentioned “crypto” way too often in those first-day talks. The event is supposed to be a Bitcoin-only conference. And, while it was live and the organizers can’t control everything that happens on...

Apr 06 2022

Feds Seize $34 Million In Bitcoin From Dark Web Seller – One Of The Biggest Seizures In US

Miami, a city known for its opulent lifestyles and cryptocurrency-friendly laws and mayor, has seen one of the most aggressive crackdowns on cybercriminals using bitcoin. Federal prosecutors confiscated roughly $34 million in cryptocurrency from a man in the southeastern part of Florida. The bitcoin fortune was amassed by a Parkland resident suspected of exploiting the dark web to sell Netflix, HBO, and Uber...

Mar 25 2022

Florida Will Allow Citizens To Pay Taxes In Bitcoin

Mar 25 2022 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  adoption bitcoin btc btc adoption florida

Florida has announced that it would allow citizens to pay their state taxes in bitcoin. The state has been a hotbed for crypto activities as Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has made it his mission to make the city the crypto hub of the nation. This has paid off in various ways for the city and its citizens and now, the state takes another...

Mar 23 2022

Businesses could soon pay their taxes with crypto in Florida

Mar 23 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption bitcoin digital dollar florida miami

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has said that he’s working on the possibility of businesses within the state paying their taxes in crypto. Florida to embrace...

Mar 16 2022

Can QvaPay Break Through Cuba’s Embargo? Or, Is It A Governmental Spy Tool?

The debate around QvaPay is just starting. On the one hand, the app is a solution for Cubans abroad to send money to their loved ones on the island. On the other, it’s accused of being a surveillance tool for the Cuban Government. Let’s start from the beginning, though. Last week, an article in Coindesk made the rounds inside bitcoin circles....

Mar 07 2022

The Declaration Of Monetary Independence Will Be At Bitcoin 2022

Look for the physical form of #DoMI at the Bitcoin Conference happening April six through the ninth in Miami Beach!It’s 2022. Not even the first quarter is in the books, yet what word would I use to describe it so far? Squeezed. People are feeling squeezed in many different matters by many different forces, like the squeeze of COVID-19 mandates from governments...

Feb 04 2022

Jan 22 2022

NYC mayor fulfills promise to receive paycheck in Bitcoin

Jan 22 2022 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  adoption bitcoin mayor miami new york

New York City's new mayor, Eric Adams, has taken a bold step to fulfill one of his promises as he is set to take his first paycheck in Bitcoin, according to available information. The Mayor, in November last year, had promised to take his first three paychecks in office as a Mayor in crypto. Mayor Adams to get paid in Bitcoin...

Dec 29 2021

CoinCentral Partners with TNABC Miami, January 17th-19th, 2022

The annual flagship Miami cryptocurrency conference, The North America Bitcoin Conference, is back again with a powerhouse of speakers, including headline speakers billionaire investor Mark Cuban and Miami’s prolific pro-Bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez. TNABC is at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida, on January 17-19, 2022, kicking off what might be the most active Blockchain...

Dec 09 2021

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