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May 17 2022

MiamiCoin raises regulatory concerns after value nosedives more than 90%

MiamiCoin, a cryptocurrency built for Miami, is down more than 90% since its launch in 2021, which has given rise to regulatory concerns, according to a Quartz report. MiamiCoin was developed by CityCoins — which is also working on creating cryptocurrencies for other cities in the U.S. like New York. The project received...

Apr 13 2022

What is MiamiCoin? New City entered the Crypto Sphere?

Miami - white beaches, nightlife, beach clubs, and skyline. The city in southern Florida is known for series like Miami Vice or films like Scarface. It is a well-known fact that life is good in the sunny south of Florida. Today, Miami wants to attack the financial system in the USA. The target: Wall Street. Miami wants to become the crypto capital of...

Nov 14 2021

Why Austin (Texas) is Launch Its Own Crypto?

The cryptocurrency space is gaining ground and making waves in certain US Cities. This is excellent news because the United States is well-known for its historically utter dislike for the crypto space. Recently, Austin (Texas) has announced plans to launch its cryptocurrency. This announcement closely follows New York City's proposed launch of its NYCCoin...

Oct 08 2021

Two Month’s Into Launch and MiamiCoin Protocol Generates $10 Million for Miami City

It's just two months since the launch of MiamiCoin (MIA), the native crypto for the City of Miami, and the protocol has already generated $10 million in revenue for the city. The MiamiCoin has been powered by CityCoin using its own programmable blockchain Stacks (STX). The revenue numbers show the high mining activity for the The post Two Month's Into Launch and MiamiCoin...

Oct 02 2021

Mayor Says MiamiCoin Has Generated $8 Million In Revenue For The City

The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez has revealed that the city has so far generated over $8 million from its partnership with CitycOINS. The city had taken a plunge into crypto with the creation of its very own coin named after the city, and the mayor said that the move had been a “game-changer” for revenue collection. A move was made after the...

Aug 04 2021

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