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Aug 30 2022

News From El Salvador, Late August: Preparing for Bitcoin Day’s 1st Anniversary

It’s hard to believe Bitcoin Day was only a year ago. Let’s go back to El Salvador in anticipation of that faithful day’s celebrations, you'll find that the country is booming with activity. This compilation of news has it all; from tourism to mining, from conferences to meetups. For a while there, the war with the gangs monopolized El Salvador-related headlines, but with...

May 27 2022

Let’s Dissect McCormack’s “Follow The Money #1” Documentary, Pt. 3- Bukele

The spotlight is on Bukele for the final part of Peter McCormack’s documentary. Here’s the first part. Here’s the second one...

May 26 2022

Let’s Dissect McCormack’s “Follow The Money #1” Documentary, Pt. 2- Underbelly

At its core, Peter McCormack’s film is about the other side of El Salvador. And he faces it head-on in the part of his “Follow The Money #1” documentary we’ll dissect today. Will the Bitcoin Law help Salvadorans who don’t care about the Internet? Can bitcoin fix every problem it encounters? In a long enough time frame, it can and it will. McCormack...

Apr 20 2022

National TV Exposure: “60 Minutes Overtime,” About The Bitcoin Beach Wallet

As it turns out, the “60 Minutes” report on Bitcoin Beach that we recently covered had a hidden segment. The title is “The tech behind the...

Apr 12 2022

The Legendary TV Show “60 Minutes” Turns Its Eye To El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach

It doesn’t get much mainstream than CBS’s “60 Minutes.” The legendary newsmagazine debuted in 1968 and has been going strong ever since. And now, they’re talking about El Zonte AKA Bitcoin Beach, the place where it all started. How did it start, though? Even though Bitcoinist has written extensively...

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