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Nov 29 2021

Wyoming Aiming For 5% Of The U.S. Bitcoin Mining Hashrate By Next Halvening

Wyoming is a potential hotspot for bitcoin mining, with the state’s abundance of natural resources and energy.Wyoming is on a mission to house 5% of the U.S. Bitcoin mining hashrate by the next halvening in May 2024. This goes hand-in-hand with Wyoming’s strengths and aligns well with economic development and job creation goals. For context, Wyoming has the lowest population...

Nov 01 2021

Why Russia Is Benefiting From The Great Chinese Bitcoin Miner Migration

Nov 01 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  ban business china miner mining

Russia has increased its hash rate because of miners fleeing from China due to the country's ban against Bitcoin mining.Its been less than six months since China’s May 2021 crackdown on bitcoin mining, resulting in the greatest shakeup in the network’s history.According to Cambridge University’s Center for Alternative Finance (CFAF), since May, the US...

Sep 26 2021

Bitcoin Mining With Clean Energy Changes The World

Sep 26 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  asics clean energy culture miner mining

The energy usage of bitcoin mining has been frequently misrepresented — but there's still reason to seek renewable energy sources.What if you could substitute a renewable battery-powered motor for the internal combustion engine just twelve years after its invention? At minimum, we would not be faced with the challenge of limiting greenhouse gas emissions. For all of the benefits the internal combustion...

Sep 10 2021

North American Bitcoin Miners Raked in 10K BTC This Year

September 10, 2021 / Unchained Daily / Laura Shin Daily Bits...

Jul 19 2021

Here Is Why The Russian Crypto Industry Is Trying To Attract Bitcoin Miners

Jul 19 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  crypto miner mining russia

A crypto industry association in Russia has launched a project with the target of attracting Bitcoin miners to the nation. Russian Crypto Industry Association Aims To Attract Miners As China's crackdowns on crypto mining continue, miners have been migrating out of the nation in hordes. They have...

Jul 14 2021

Yet Another Crackdown On Bitcoin Mining: China’s Anhui Province To Shutdown Crypto Miners

China's Anhui province has announced that Bitcoin mining in the area will be shutdown, as the country's crackdowns on crypto miners continue. China's Anhui Province Plans To Crackdown On Crypto Miners As per a Bloomberg report,...

Jul 02 2021

Why The China Bitcoin Ban Will Boost Miner Profitability In US

China's recent crackdowns on Bitcoin will boost profitability for US miners like MARA and RIOT, according to B. Riley analyst Lucas Pipes....

Jun 27 2021

So, What Are Bitcoin Miners Actually Doing?

Jun 27 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  asic miner mining technical

Let’s take a deeper look at what may appear as a magical process: bitcoin mining.An Overview Of What Bitcoin Miners Are Actually DoingThis article, to a degree, builds upon my previous one.Before we peer under the hood, let’s look quickly at how miners have evolved.At first, the mining difficulty level was...

Jun 21 2021

China’s Central Bank Orders Institutions To Block Crypto Transactions

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) said on Monday it has ordered banks and payment institutions to crackdown on crypto. The move comes after the nation enforced a series of mining shutdowns, the latest of which took place in Sichuan. Crackdown On Crypto According to...

Jun 17 2021

Canaan Sells 10,000 Bitcoin Miners To Genesis Digital Assets

Jun 17 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  asic miner bitcoin btc canaan eth

Bitcoin mining firm Genesis Digital Assets has purchased an additional 10,000 Bitcoin miners from the ASIC machine manufacturer Canaan. By the end of the month, Canaan plans to complete the order of 10,000 A1246 and A1166 Pro Avalonminers. The move isn't the first time the two companies have dealt with each other. Earlier this year, Genesis Digital Assets bought $93.6 million worth of...

May 22 2021

How Another Chinese Power Outage May Have Led to Bitcoin’s Flash Crash This Week

Earlier in April, an accident at a Chinese coal mine in Xinjiang sent Bitcoin network’s hash rate plummeting 30% in a span of a day, which crippled the major cryptocurrency’s rally. Now, Bitcoin’s hash rate is suffering a similar loss as miners based in Sichuan, China face limitations on power usage. The State Grid in Sichuan’s Aba...

May 19 2021

Nvidia to Lower Crypto Mining Hashrates on GPUs to Address Current Mining Frenzy

In an effort to address the ongoing silicon supply shortage and bloated GPU prices, hardware manufacturer Nvidia is set to reduce the hashrates on its latest GeForce graphics cards to disincentivize miners. In an announcement yesterday, the California-based company said that its latest graphics cards, which are set to begin shipping in late May, will feature far lower hash rates....

Apr 23 2021

Bitfarms To Join Foundry USA Pool, Will Boost Mining Performance Up To 15%

The partnership will expand both Foundry’s and Bitfarm’s operations, while boosting the hash rate share of North America.Bitfarms, an institutional bitcoin mining company, has partnered with Foundry USA Pool, in a partnership that will “Expand [Bitfarms’] Bitcoin Mining Fleet…Instantly Boosting Operating Hashrate By 15%,” according to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine today. Bitfarms...

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