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Aug 25 2021

Mar 02 2021

Litecoin Mining Pool Explained

A Litecoin mining pool will help you combine your computing power with other Litecoin miners to increase your probability of finding a block with transactions. In this way, […]

Feb 16 2021

Sports Gambling Website 500.com Acquires Bitcoin Mining Pool BTC.com

Feb 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  500.com btc.com mining mining pool

Today, Shenzhen, China-based sports lottery site 500.com announced the acquisition of major Bitcoin mining pool BTC.com from Blockchain Alliance Technologies Holding Company via a share-swap agreement. Blockchain Alliance is operated by BitDeer, which itself is chaired by Jihan Wu, the co-founder of bitcoin...

Sports Gambling Website 500.com Acquires Bitcoin Mining Pool BTC.com

Feb 16 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  500.com btc.com business mining pool

Chinese sports lottery site 500.com has acquired major bitcoin mining pool BTC.com.With 4.3 million bitcoin mining machines running on the network, Whatsminer’s founder predicts the...

Feb 01 2021

Best Electroneum Mining Pool

It is not an easy task to find the best Electroneum mining pool. That’s a fact, and most of us know it. However, there are some things that […]

Dec 29 2020

Dec 16 2020

The Next 10 Years Of Bitcoin Mining

Today, Slush Pool celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the first block the pool ever mined, Block #97834. It has been an incredible decade, and we’re proud to have mined over 1.25 million BTC since then....

Dec 03 2020

Titan Announces North American Bitcoin Mining Pool

Cryptocurrency mining software provider Titan announced the creation of Titan Pool, a bitcoin mining pool based in North America. An announcement shared with Bitcoin Magazine emphasized the enterprise-grade services that participants in the pool would receive, as well as the importance of its geographic location. “Asia and Europe account for nearly all mining power on the Bitcoin network, with the vast majority of...

Nov 16 2020

Poolin Launches Initiative To Activate Taproot, Encouraging Other Mining Pools To Join

Top 2 Bitcoin mining pool Poolin wants Taproot, and hopes other pools do too. Poolin, the Chinese mining pool that currently controls around 13 percent of all hash power on the Bitcoin network, is preparing for...

Jul 16 2020

Introducing Hashrate Index, An Online Tool For Bitcoin Mining Transparency

The success of Bitcoin ultimately depends on the health of its mining industry. Bitcoin mining is central to transaction validation, the prevention of double spending and the hard cap on the bitcoin supply — basically, the things that make Bitcoin the revolutionary technology that it is. And Bitcoin mining has evolved dramatically since it was first introduced. Today, a large portion of the...

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