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Dec 07 2021

What is driving Bitcoin miners to New York’s fading blue-collar towns?

Dec 07 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btc mining

This month, a Bitcoin mining operation is launching northeast of Niagara Falls, on the site of decommissioned coal-fired Somerset Generating Station, The New York Times reported. Leveraging abundant sources of...

Dec 03 2021

HIVE Reports a Jump in BTC Production during November 2021

HIVE Blockchain Technologies today published its production figures for November 2021. The crypto mining firm produced 218 BTC in the last month.

Dec 02 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate recovers from China’s crackdown

Dec 02 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  bitcoin bitcoin mining btc china mining

Earlier in the year when China renewed its hostilities towards the crypto industry, one metric that saw a negative effect of the crackdown was the Bitcoin mining hashrate that plummeted by more than 50% during this period largely because crypto miners were being pushed out of the...

Dec 01 2021

The Invisible Incentives Of Bitcoin

When examining why people acquire bitcoin, we find different incentives, more based on preservation of the network than “getting rich.”What incentives does Bitcoin offer? Money accumulation, or is there any greater purpose and incentive for miners securing the network? Mining is a most important process of the Bitcoin network, yet relatively few actually understand it.I recently had the pleasure of...

Nov 29 2021

Wyoming Aiming For 5% Of The U.S. Bitcoin Mining Hashrate By Next Halvening

Wyoming is a potential hotspot for bitcoin mining, with the state’s abundance of natural resources and energy.Wyoming is on a mission to house 5% of the U.S. Bitcoin mining hashrate by the next halvening in May 2024. This goes hand-in-hand with Wyoming’s strengths and aligns well with economic development and job creation goals. For context, Wyoming has the lowest population...

Nov 25 2021

The Crucial Role Of Wild Horses In Bitcoin Mining

Wild horses, the unruly mustangs of the bitcoin world, must make up a larger proportion of hash rate for optimal security of the network.Just over 13 years ago a tsunami was silently and slowly building from the force of Satoshi Nakamoto’s newly released paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” At the time only a handful of cryptography enthusiasts were...

Net Income of Fortress Technologies Reaches $3.5 Million in Q3

The company also increased its active hash rate during the recent quarter.

Kazakhstan could turn to nuclear power to keep its Bitcoin mining industry running

Nov 25 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  btcusd mining

As per Nikkei Asia, Kazakhstan's president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has suggested building a nuclear plant to sustain Bitcoin mining in a bid to support the profitable...

Kazakhstan Feeling the Pinch of Crypto Mining Influx

Reading Time: 2 minutes The crypto mining boom in Kazakhstan has led to an unstable domestic electricity supply The country has seen an 8% increase in domestic energy in 2021 Kazakhstan’s president has suggested that nuclear power could ease the country’s electricity...

Nov 23 2021

Bitcoin’s Fair Launch Makes It An Apex Form Of Property

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin was not premined and is in unique regulatory position to serve as property for institutions and individuals.Bitcoin is the world's most secure and most decentralized cryptocurrency — but its fair launch is perhaps one of the most poorly- understood aspects of its history and one of the things that makes it so decentralized and unique.Many altcoins will typically...

Nov 22 2021

Mining platform NiceHash adds Banxa for crypto buy/sell option

Nov 22 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  mining

Banxa, a crypto payment service, today announced it is now live with crypto mining and trading platform NiceHash. Banxa will provide NiceHash users with a new option to buy and sell cryptocurrency. NiceHash is an EU-based...

BTC Mining Firm GRIID Receives $525 Million Credit Facility from Blockchain.com

The company aims to expand its operations through the four-year term credit facility.

Nov 20 2021

How Large-Scale Bitcoin Mining Is Driving Clean Energy Innovation

Nov 20 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business environment mining

As a project in Northern Sweden shows, Bitcoin’s reliance on energy consumption could bring a more sustainable future.Energy consumption from Bitcoin mining is massive, and people are taking notice. The increases have been scaling fast, with mining energy usage quickly surpassing the totals of small countries. And many see this ever-increasing carbon footprint as a threat to climate change.But it's no...

Nov 18 2021

Nov 17 2021

Ted Cruz on One Man Mission to Save Cryptocurrency

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ted Cruz has emerged as a strong pro-crypto voice in the fight against the Infrastructure Bill Cruz has benefited from a surge in crypto-based income from mining firms locating to the state He has submitted legislation to that aims to remove...

Nov 16 2021

Nov 15 2021

China’s Bitcoin Ban Is The Unnoticed Geopolitical Event Of The Decade

It may be under appreciated just how badly the autocratic government of China blundered with bitcoin.The political and economic sun has been rising in the East over the past century with China playing an increasingly important role in global geopolitics. Despite this trend, I have long been skeptical of China’s centralized and autocratic governance structure, and 2021 could be a monumental year,...

Marathon Digital to Raise $500M in Convertible Notes to Purchase Bitcoin and Bitcoin Miners

Today Marathon Digital Holdings, one of the largest publicly-traded Bitcoin miners in North America, announced a proposed convertible senior notes offering.Today Marathon Digital Holdings, one of the largest publicly-traded Bitcoin miners in North America, announced a proposed convertible senior notes offering. The firm plans to offer $500,000,000 aggregate principal of convertible senior notes due in 2026....

Nov 13 2021

6 sources of renewable energy that will power the future of Bitcoin mining

Nov 13 2021 Published at CryptoSlate under tags  guest post mining

Yes, Bitcoin mining does consume a lot of energy — about 110 terawatt hours per year, the energy equivalent of a small country. Considering that a single Bitcoin mining farm might be running hundreds or thousands of mining rigs (roughly the equivalent of running a space heater) all day, every day, it’s easy to see how that much...

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