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Oct 16 2020

Basic Crypto Terms You Should Know

Using crypto might be challenging if you are not familiar with the so-called crypto language. As a matter of fact, some users are even attending crypto seminars to understand what digital cash is all about.

Oct 15 2020

Warning: Mining Botnet “Lemon Duck” is Spreading and Affecting Crypto Users

A new crypto-mining botnet is spreading on the internet and affecting Windows 10 users. Researchers were able to discover the “Lemon Duck” crypto mining botnet and how it […]

Monero Coin – the Way to Make Cryptocurrency Private

Monero received the status of the most popular privacy-focused cryptocurrency. It’s not hard to get that Monero’s selling point became its anonymity. Even though the XMR coin became a thing in the darknet society, its privacy technologies are quite impressive. Monero was the most productive coin of 2017, and now we are watching the decline of the whole market. In this article, we'll...

Oct 13 2020

Privacy Coins (XLM, ZCASH, DASH) Are Back On The Rise Despite Mounting Regulatory Threat

Oct 13 2020 Published at Coingape under tags  coinmetrics dashusd defi defi news monero

Several privacy-focused coins have noted interesting rallies over the past couple of weeks. Coins such as Monero [XMR], ZCash, DASH have been surging despite the current stagnancy in the market. According to the latest edition of Coin Metrics' report, Monero's market cap climbed to its highest level since September 2018. That was not all. The popular The post Privacy Coins (XLM, ZCASH, DASH)...

Oct 11 2020

Top 5 Performing Cryptocurrencies of the Week -(Week 11)

Oct 11 2020 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto cryptocurrency monero ren

It seems that the cryptocurrency market is slowly trying to gain momentum. Almost all cryptocurrencies are displaying a slight growth.From the past seven days, the market has not demonstrated a great change. Still, some cryptocurrencies are exhibiting growth. Here are the top...

Monero Price Rises While IRS Tries to Break Anonymity

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is the U.S. tax authority, has been drawn towards the most renowned private cryptocurrency, Monero. Reportedly one of the best choices for privacy-focused cryptocurrency, Monero has attracted the attention of the tax agency. As a result, the IRS has employed analysts to unmask Monero's activities. However, it does appear that Monero price is...

Oct 01 2020

Monero (XMR) Could Test $120 Ahead of the Oxygen Orion Network Upgrade

Oct 01 2020 Published at Ethereum World News under tags  altcoin news monero monero (xmr)

In brief: Monero (XMR) more than doubled in value in Q3, 2020 The Monero Oxygen Orion Network upgrade is scheduled for Oct. 17th XMR seems set to retest the $120 resistance area in the days to follow and due to the pending upgrade As the crypto-community was busy with DeFi on the Ethereum network and the market analysis of Bitcoin, the digital asset...

Jul 22 2020

Does Bitcoin’s Enhancing Anonymity Mean Doomsday for Privacy Coins?

Jul 22 2020 Published at CoinCentral under tags  articles bitcoin dash monero privacy coins

In the early stages of Bitcoin development, most cryptocurrency enthusiasts tended to think that the original digital currency offered them complete anonymity and they could make purchases with this type of “new money” without revealing their identities. The level of Bitcoin’s privacy was often compared to that of Swiss bank clients. However, that was far from the case. Is Bitcoin anonymous? Bitcoin transactions...

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