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Sep 15 2022

Phish Lot, Rural America And The Lightning Revolution

Bitcoin and Lightning are technologies that once again revolutionize human connections and the ability to share information.This is an opinion editorial by Patrick McCaughey, a live music aficionado, Bitcoin advocate and pragmatist living in western Massachusetts.Humans are innately social creatures. We enjoy meals together, we exchange ideas with one another, and when the time is right, we set our...

Jun 21 2022

OurSounds, Bringing Music to Bitcoin

We see more and more music platforms that want to give power back to the artists. The least number of middlemen it involves, the more money artists can make. OurSounds joins this movement, and they intend to incentivize fans by managing promotion. A different concept that still has a few steps to go. They are just starting out, but seem to be promising....

May 09 2022

Project B-idol Music NFT Collaboration Between INIMI And DEA Coming To PlayMining

Project B-idol extends INIMI's mission of bringing together and promoting aspiring Asian artists. They launched an NFT collection that will be sold exclusively through the PlayMining NFT Premier marketplace.

May 03 2022

RAC and David Greenstein on Why Music NFTs Are Better Than Spotify

André Allen Anjos, who is better known as the crypto-friendly artist RAC, and David Greenstein, co-founder of Sound.xyz, a web3 music platform, analyze the current state of the web3 music scene and discuss how artists can leverage web3 tools to get paid at fair market value for their art. Show highlights: RAC’s experience in the traditional...

Apr 29 2022

Bitcoin Speaks To The Human Condition

Bitcoin will succeed not just because it is the best monetary technology, but because it is the money most aligned to principles fundamental to human nature. (Adaptation...

Feb 22 2022

7 Ways the Music Industry Will Participate in the Metaverse

Metaverse is expanding at rapid growth. It is going to be the most important technological and social innovation platform in the upcoming years. Until now, the most popular use case in the Metaverse is digital art, in the form of NFTs and gaming). The digital art and NFT segment have thrived over the years with platforms like Opensea, and now...

Dec 31 2021

Song a Day NFTs With Jonathan Mann + Your 2022 Crypto Predictions!

Dec 31 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 crypto dao mongoose coin music

Jonathan Mann has published a song a day for 13 years. On Unchained, he talks about his writing process, how he came up with the idea of publishing his songs as NFTs, his plans for a DAO he created called SongADAO, and more. Show topics: the significance and process of making a song a day for 13 years straight...

Dec 08 2021

Orange Pilling People To Bitcoin With Music

A space for discussion became a source of employment, creativity and fun, with Bitcoin Twitter offering a new perspective on money.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Dec 06 2021

Nov 25 2021

How Can Zilliqa be Positioned as the Economic Hub of the Music Creators?

Nov 25 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  cryptocurrency news music nft zilliqa

Enterprise blockchain network Zilliqa has announced a million-dollar partnership with a prominent non-fungible token music platform. Zilliqa is aiming to position itself at the center of the music creator economy with its latest partnership. Therefore, the collaboration will enable partners to leverage NFTs to incentivize artists and fans alike. According to the...

Oct 13 2021

Blockchain-Based Music Platform Corite to Open New Investment Round

The firm was founded in Sweden by Universal Music Group's alumni Mattias Tengblad and Emil Angervall.

Sep 29 2021

How Audio NFTs Can Change The Music Industry Forever

Sep 29 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  audio music nft nfts

NFTs have been on a tear this year. Last month, the market saw record highs and markets like OpenSea have been experiencing unprecedented volume. The perpetual question surrounding nearly every aspect of crypto is… “so where do we go next?” Many believe that audio NFTs could be a largely untapped area to date. While “collecting JPEGs” has been a meme in and of...

Sep 07 2021

How Crypto Streaming Service Audius Hit Six Million Monthly Active Users

Sep 07 2021 Published at Unchained Podcast under tags  2021 audius ethereum music shows

Audius, a blockchain native music streaming platform, hit six million monthly active users in August and announced a partnership with TikTok. Roneil Rumburg, co-founder and CEO of Audius, talks about how Audius works, AUDIO tokenomics, the give and take of decentralization, and more. Show highlights: what problems Audius is solving...

Aug 17 2021

TikTok Partners With Crypto-Powered Music Platform Audius

Aug 17 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  altcoin news altcoins artist artists audio

Many of today's young social media consumers are finding new music via TikTok. This week, the leading social media platform paired up with Audius, a streaming platform that is quickly becoming one of the largest decentralized consumer applications....

Jul 24 2021

Interview: Fighting For Freedom With Zuby

Freedom fighter and musician Zuby joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss sovereignty and lessons learned from COVID-19 lockdowns.Watch This Episode On YouTubeListen To This Episode:...

Jun 25 2021

Sotheby’s Auctioning 25th Anniversary NFT Of Jay-Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’

Jun 25 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  art artist auction entertainment jay-z

It's the 25th anniversary of legendary hip-hop album, 'Reasonable Doubt'. Jay-Z's impact on music and culture is undeniable, and 'Reasonable Doubt' is arguably near the top of the list when it comes to most popular albums in the eyes of Jigga fans. In a recent announcement on Twitter from Sotheby's and Roc Nation, digital art piece 'Heir to the Throne' has gone live...

May 26 2021

Music NFT Platform OneOf Raises $63M

May 26 2021 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  blockchain crypto entertainment music nft

Music-centric NFT platform OneOf has announced that $63M in funds have been raised, with a large bulk of the funds going towards artist rights. Additionally, funding will supply team expansion, building the platform's existing technology, and supporting independent artists. OneOf is preparing to launch the environmentally-focused NFT platform on the Tezos platform....

May 18 2021

Legacy Records, The First Record Label Paying Music Artists In Crypto

From painters to digital artists to musicians, crypto continues to find integration across artistic mediums. Music continues to be a field that is ripe for revitalization, from a business standpoint. Accordingly, a number of different musicians have been releasing songs and albums as NFTs. Now, we have what's being reported as the first official record label looking to get involved. The label looks...

Apr 10 2021

Cryptograffiti Launches Bitcoin Micropayment Plugin For DJs And Music Producers

Apr 10 2021 Published at Bitcoin Magazine under tags  business cryptograffiti music

Bitcoin-inspired artist cryptograffiti has launched the open-source project to better compensate DJs and music producers directly.Bitcoin-inspired artist cryptograffiti has announced the launch of an open-source project meant to facilitate bitcoin revenue streams for DJs and music producers with an accompanying public demonstration including a live DJ set performed at the U.S. Mint in San Francisco.“The...

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