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Jun 16 2022

How to Earn $6,699+ with the MEXC – Altcoin Buzz Giveaway

MEXC Exchange is a platform that is boosting its organic engagement over time. And it has many great features like P2P trading, SWIFT bank wires, ETFs, and a launchpad, among others. But, it's the first full-service regulated exchange in the US and Australia with more than 2,000 crypto assets available. So...

May 27 2022

Bitcoin is the Future of Blockchain Over Altcoins

May 27 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  altcoin ethereum must read top article

Brad Mills, the host of the Magic Internet Money Podcast, an early seed-stage investor, and a Bitcoin enthusiast, recently shared his views on Bitcoin’s dominance in a long thread on Twitter. Mills has a reputation for holding strong views on Bitcoin. This time, the podcaster shared with his over forty thousand strong followers on Twitter that Bitcoin would become the clear lord of...

Bitcoin vs Ethereum and All Other Altcoins

Brad Mills is a renowned investor, entrepreneur, and he hosts the Magic Internet Money podcast. Since 2011 he follows Bitcoin. He is also a Bitcoin Value Maximalist. Recently, he stated that Bitcoin is the obvious long-term institutional trade option. Everything competes with BTC,...

May 25 2022

Can The Following Exchange Tokens See A Significant Increase In Value?

May 25 2022 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  bnb cro exchanges ht kcs

Exchanges are creating and releasing their tokens, which is a recent trend in the crypto industry. Binance has BNB, FTX has FTT, for example. Having a particular number of these tokens provides traders with benefits when they utilize them in the individual markets. One common belief among crypto investors is that exchange tokens are a good investment since...

Apr 28 2022

Evai (EV) Token Launches This Week

The team behind the pioneering Evai.io platform are about to release the native EV token. The launch follows the development of the world’s first unbiased crypto-asset rating platform, which features over 1,000 cryptos and uses AI and machine learning. A great tool for both beginner and professional traders. The platform allows you to minimize your risk. At the same time, you can maximize...

Jan 09 2022

Messari Report: 7 Protocols That Changed DeFi in 2021

Messari is a very famous crypto research company. This platform gives its users a complete pack of analysis tools for web3, NFTs, and social tokens. Therefore, this company gives a summarized report at the end of every year. In this case, we will talk about one of the sections of this report: DeFi. We know that this sector has...

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