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Jun 03 2022

A Macroeconomic Overview Using Chart Analysis

An in-depth look at various currencies and their charts as well as observations on energy commodity prices and how they’re affected by world events.Watch This Episode On YouTube or...

May 27 2022

Russia ‘Actively Discussing’ The Use Of Cryptocurrency In International Trade: Report

Russia’s Ministry of Finance is ‘actively considering’ the use of digital currencies for international payments, a government official reportedly said.Russia’s Ministry of Finance is considering allowing the use of cryptocurrencies for international trade, local news outlet Interfax reported on Friday.“The issue of using such digital currencies...

Mar 26 2022

Great American Mining Is Solving Our Global Energy Problems With Bitcoin

With its rapid bitcoin miner deployment at North Dakota operations, Great American Mining shows Bitcoin’s potential to solve energy crises. The flaring conducted at oil and...

Oct 14 2021

Ted Cruz Said Bitcoin Will Strengthen Texas’ Electrical Grid, What Does He Mean?

It’s official, Ted Cruz is a bitcoiner now. However, take into account that he is Senator for Texas, and the state is quickly becoming the biggest Bitcoin hub in the USA. The politician might be catering to his constituency, but that doesn’t take away from his message. “In five years I expect to see a dramatically different terrain with Bitcoin mining playing...

Jul 07 2021

Is New York’s Seneca Lake Too Hot Because Of Bitcoin Mining? We Beg To Differ

Legacy media is back at it. They had to concoct a rival story to counteract the Bitcoin Mining Council’s latest report. And they ran with the apparent rising temperatures of...

Nov 05 2020

How Bitcoin Shakes The Energy Industry

On August 28, 2020, oil and gas giant Equinor announced that it would be cutting its future flared gas volumes and bringing waste-gas to market by generating electricity and mining on the Bitcoin network. Equinor’s plans involve partnering with Denver-based firm Crusoe Energy Systems – Digital Flaring Technology. Five months before Equinor’s announcement (on March 5,...

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