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Jun 26 2021

How To Stake NEAR ($NEAR)

NEAR is a Layer 1, open-source, smart contract-based blockchain network that allows the developers to build highly scalable dApps at a low cost. The platform uses a dynamic sharding design technique called Nightshade that aims to resolve the network scalability issue. The platform has a native token named NEAR that fuels the network and its operation. Been based on Proof-of- Stake (PoS), the network...

Mar 29 2021

Is NEAR Protocol a good investment? All You Need to Know about NEAR Protocol Token

This article is a complete guide on NEAR Protocol. In fact, the NEAR Protocol token price has increased by more than 130% within 90 days. Many skeptics thought this price change is creating a bubble that’s about to burst and shed most gains. Let's take a...

Mar 05 2021

Octaloop Hosts Blockchain Hackathon unblock2021

Mar 3, 2020: Blockchain is an industry that’s always building. Whether it’s creating new applications for decentralized networks or maintaining existing ones, blockchain is constantly evolving, and that wouldn’t be possible without the minds behind them. Developers are the foundation of the blockchain industry, but development resources are still scarce. The current infrastructure...

Dec 02 2020

Ampleforth Makes Surprise Expansion Beyond Ethereum

Dec 02 2020 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  acala ampleforth business near polkadot

Ampleforth will bring its Ethereum-based stablecoin to three other blockchains, according to an announcement from the team. AMPL to Expand Within Months Within the next...

Nov 24 2020

Mooniswap brings its next-generation AMM protocol by 1inch to NEAR

In less than a month since the unrestricted Mainnet has been live, the NEAR community is hard at work to bring best in class applications to the platform. Mooniswap by 1inch.exchange is the latest addition to a vibrant ecosystem of protocols building on NEAR.

Nov 18 2020

Mintbase Raises $1M Seed Round to Bring NFTs to NEAR Protocol

Nov 18 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  business ethereum mintbase near nfts

The new funding allows Mintbase to hire developers and designers to prepare for a testnet launch on NEAR before year's end.

Oct 14 2020

NEAR Protocol Transitions to Fully Decentralized & Permissionless Network

Oct 14 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  blockchain near near protocol news sharding

NEAR Protocol has completed the deployment of Phase 2 of its mainnet which has seen the network become fully decentralized and permissionless. The news is the latest development for the community-driven project that aims to democratize the development of the emerging Open Web architecture via blockchain technology. Despite concerted efforts to improve the adoption of [...] The post NEAR Protocol Transitions to Fully...

Sep 29 2020

NEAR Protocol Guide: Global Computing Platform for the Open Web

Sep 29 2020 Published at Blockonomi under tags  guides near near protocol

In the echo chamber of the crypto universe, it’s easy to forget that blockchain and crypto don’t yet have widespread, mainstream adoption. While it’s growing, there are still only 50 million wallet users in the world, and State of the Dapps lists just over 3,500 dApps compared to over two million on the Apple App [...] The post NEAR Protocol Guide: Global Computing...

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