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Apr 04 2022

The Best Blockchain Domain Registries: Top Crypto Domain Sites

Apr 04 2022 Published at CoinCentral under tags  emercoin ens guides namecoin nem

Blockchain domain registry sites are changing how we register, manage and resolve domain names on the blockchain. Each blockchain DNS (domain name system) is decentralized; it runs on a peer-to-peer server system without the need for a middleman or central governing body. Blockchain domain registry sites are based on smart contracts....

Dec 15 2021

NEM Token Improving Decentralization in the Cryptoverse – Hot BUY?

Dec 15 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin blockchain crypto nem nem blockchain

NEM is the hard fork of the NXT blockchain solving the problem of scalability and fast throughput. Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains have shown room for improvement. Especially, when you talk about their mining process. In the POW ecosystem, big miners benefit at the cost of small miners. Meaning, those with high computing power experience an upper hand. As a result, the ecosystem...

Dec 08 2021

XRP, Terra and NEM Price Analysis: 08 December

The price of XRP has been consolidating above its critical support of $0.74 for a considerable while now. At press time XRP was priced at...

Nov 06 2021

Nov 02 2021

XYM Is Available on Changelly

The Changelly team is thrilled to provide our users with an opportunity to exchange XYM tokens. Anyone can quickly and easily exchange XYM tokens at floating rates. XYM is a utility token of Symbol, the second blockchain released by the NEM Core developers. The Symbol blockchain was designed for high security and throughput while providing extended functionality through system-level plugins. The aim of...

Aug 28 2021

Easy Guide to NEM (XEM): New Economy Movement (2021)

Aug 28 2021 Published at CryptoTicker under tags  altcoin crypto nem

NEM is a distributed ecosystem that supports the transfer of smart asset value between businesses and individuals. This platform aims to build a technologically community-enhanced blockchain system where users can buy and sell digital representations of real-world assets and have intangible ownership. The platform operates a blockchain network similar to Ethereum and...

Aug 10 2021

XEM Price Prediction

Aug 10 2021 Published at Altcoin Buzz under tags  nem technical analysis xem

NEM has a stated goal of a wide distribution model and has introduced new features in blockchain technology in its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm. NEM features an integrated P2P secure and encrypted messaging system, multi- signature accounts and an Eigentrust++ reputation system. Essentially, NEM is designed as a financial blockchain solution and can be used for payment, clearing and settlement in a private environment which...

May 07 2021

Symbol (XYM) token from NEM now available on crypto wallet app Vidulum

May 07 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  nem symbol wallets

CryptoNinjas » Symbol (XYM) token from NEM now available on crypto wallet app Vidulum Symbol from NEM, a blockchain-powered exchange network for business that...

Mar 15 2021

Will Symbol Help NEM Regain Its Former Glory?

Mar 15 2021 Published at Crypto Briefing under tags  business nem

NEM, one of the earliest and most notable crypto projects, has reinvented itself by launching its new Symbol blockchain. Symbol Reinvents the NEM Blockchain Mar. 15 marks the launch of Symbol's public mainnet. The new platform is primarily aimed at enterprise users, with emphasis on the blockchain's use in fintech and...

Mar 10 2021

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 10

The cryptocurrency market appears to be turning bullish again with Bitcoin retesting the highs of around $54,000. Nevertheless, this week’s selection focuses on coins that are not among top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. These three cryptocurrencies all have slightly different use cases, but there is one they all do have at least one thing in common. All three projects could drastically benefit...

Mar 09 2021

NEM integrates Digital Markets for custom security token management on Symbol blockchain

Mar 09 2021 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  nem networks & protocols symbol

CryptoNinjas » NEM integrates Digital Markets for custom security token management on Symbol blockchain NEM Group, the main supporter of the development of...

Jan 25 2021

NEM Ventures launches 2021 NEM Ignite incubator program

NEM Ventures, the venture capital and investments arm of the NEM blockchain ecosystem, has announced the launch of the Ignite virtual incubator program, to provide mentoring and financial support for early-stage blockchain startups. As of today, applications are open to the first cohort of blockchain projects wishing...

Jan 22 2021

30 Charged in Japan With Trading $96M-Worth of Crypto Stolen in Coincheck Hack

Jan 22 2021 Published at CoinDesk under tags  coincheck crime japan nem news

The around 30 individuals are suspected to have traded cryptocurrency stolen during the $560 million exchange hack in 2018.

Jan 12 2021

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 2

As usual, several projects are deploying important mainnet upgrades and launching new features this week. Our this week’s selection consists of three coins that we think will benefit from the increased attention. Will this be enough to end what it appears to be a significantly bearish week in the green?

Jan 07 2021

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 1

It has been a few days since we entered 2021 and the cryptocurrency market continues its rally. The very first selection of top coins to watch this year is again topped by the most popular and most established cryptocurrency, but while often staying in the shadow of Bitcoin and Ethereum, other projects are also making significant progress by deploying new features.

Dec 09 2020

Top 3 Coins to Watch – Week 50

As we slowly move towards the end of the turbulent 2020, the expansion of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization seems to be slowly losing steam. Nevertheless, there are several cryptocurrency projects that are issuing updates to their mainnets, rolling out new features or taking part in other important events.

Dec 08 2020

NEM concludes Symbol blockchain testnet phase in last update before full mainnet launch

Dec 08 2020 Published at CryptoNinjas under tags  nem networks & protocols

NEM Group, developer of enterprise blockchain technology, today announced its final testnet update on Symbol, its next-generation enterprise-grade blockchain solution, launching in early 2021. This update brings the final phase of soak and performance testing on Symbol, freezing code in its current...

NEM’s Enterprise Blockchain ‘Symbol’ Enters Final Stage Before Launch

Dec 08 2020 Published at CoinDesk under tags  blockchain enterprise blockchain nem news tech

The code for Symbol has now been "frozen" in its current iteration, marking the last step in preparing for its mainnet launch.

Oct 28 2020

Ahead of Migration to Symbol, Simplex Offers Fiat On-Ramp to Buy XEM

Simplex provides fiat on-ramp infrastructure to several cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers, and wallets.

Sep 25 2020

NEM Brings Together the Best of a Community-Led Public Chain and an Enterprise-Focused Private Network

Sep 25 2020 Published at Bitcoinist.com under tags  blockchain industry nem xem

The massively popular public blockchain network NEM has been diligently working to expand into the enterprise solutions ecosystem since 2017. Soon this year, NEM will release Symbol, an enterprise-ready blockchain network. This is a significant move on NEM’s part as the team has always focussed on the utility-centric aspect of blockchain...

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